Friday, August 11, 2023

Making a 'Neighbor'

FINALLY, the property down the way from us has been sold!  The older man who bought it moved in yesterday.  Do I mind my own business and leave him alone, or do I walk over there, introduce myself, learn about him and offer ourselves if he needs any help?  There are already too many 'neighbors' who just do not want anything to do with anyone!

My neighbor, he just moved here from

a much, much larger town.
We must try to welcome him,
so he's not 'feeling down.'
He has no friends or family
that he can call nearby.
To compensate for that,
it is for 'neighbors' such as I!

How would YOU feel if your whole world
was put into a place
where nothing is 'familiar' and
you did not know a face?!
For God has called us each to be
so welcoming and kind,
thus, we MUST make sure that this new 'neighbor,'
'at home' himself will find!

Introduction--getting him
to talk and 'open up,'
making sure he's 'comfortable,'
filling up his cup.
Listening to history
I'm sure that he has seen.
'Relating to him,' as he allows,
(if you know what I mean.)

A 'stranger' in the neighborhood,
let's not let him 'feel' that way!
'Reach out unto all the world,'
Christ told us in His day!
It's such a simple act, but it
requires time and space.
May each of us remember that
when 'strangers' we would face!

Have YOU 'gone out of your way' lately to introduce yourself to someone and try to make them feel 'welcome?'  How did it go?  Are you now friends with them?  If you did, GREAT!  But if you did and you were rejected, at least you know you put in an effort and followed God's command.

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