Sunday, August 6, 2023

I Don't Have 'Immunity!'

I've been told by folks that I run into that, because of who I am, I have no idea of the suffering they go through!  HUH!  If they only knew...

When everything inside of me
would ache and fill with pain,
and things go on around me that
I just cannot explain,
when everything I do is right
but just turns out all wrong,
I STOP, remind me who I am,
and to Whom I belong!
And Him to Whom this man belongs
embraces me once more,
assuring this man Whose I am
and all that I'm here for!
Reminding me that, all I go through,
it is NOT for naught!
And, secure inside His palm,
my whole life, He has got!

Reasons has He for all things
that go on in this life!
Yes, even that which happens, causing
pain and grief and strife!
BUT, most of life is pleasant, and
enjoyable to be!
And those aches and pains and challenges
are temporarily!
But Jesus--He is permanent!
Eternal, too, is He!
He'll NEVER leave us or forsake us,

So, even though it hurts today
to rise and move around,
my 'later on' and my 'tomorrow,'
they are safe and sound!
And Jesus' Blood--not ever has it
lost its mighty power!
For I can call His Mighty Name
regardless of the hour!

Precious promises and assurances that He established in His Word!  Priceless gifts that He blesses us with that I have called upon so many times!  AND HE HAS NO LIMIT!  I know that I know that this is ONLY TEMPORARY!  Very soon, He will touch me, the pain will be gone, and I will be glorifying Him and giving Him praise!  HE IS SO WORTHY!


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