Thursday, August 17, 2023

God has Perfect Timing!

'Go ye unto all the world and preach the Good News...'  He did NOT tell us to go out into the world and shove it down their throats!  How many 'well-meaning' Christians are guilty of that?  

The souls of oh so many,

they are wandering, they're lost!
They go through the day as best they can
and do not count the cost!
They are living life the way they want,
not knowing what's ahead!
To get The Gospel unto them
we must be Spirit-led!
We must be versed in Scripture, so
that His Truth, we can share.
We must be sure about their lives,
and GENUINELY care!
We must make sure THEY can see Jesus
in OUR lives each day,
if we are to explain to them
the Straight and Narrow Way!

Oh, the souls of oh, so many, 
they cross our paths each day.
Each of them has needs or issues
we see not, and they won't say.
But as we share the love of Jesus
and His great salvation,
that may lead them to open up
and establish relation!
We do so, though, by LIVING Him,
not by 'preaching at them!'
For that will only drive a wedge,
and cause a greater chasm!
So live ye godly lives before them.
The time will come around
when they are ready for The Seed
to find that fertile ground.

I have lived long enough and have seen so many 'well-meaning' Christians drive away potential followers of Christ!  He did not call us to do that!  He DID call us to 'be ready at all times with a word 'in season' on our tongue' for those who come our way.  When you are truly open to Holy Spirit and His ways, you will know exactly when that time comes!

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