Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Eye Candy!

God's great creation!  I get to savor it this early evening, now that all chores and tasks are taken care of!  What a wonderful time!  I surely pray that YOU have such time somewhere in your day to enjoy His Presence out in His Creation!

Taking note this evening of
the wonder of it all!
There is an inch worm on the rail,
so gradually to crawl.
The blue jays haven't seen him yet,
or else he would be gone!
And he bothers not the hummingbirds,
that are, the feeders, on!

As I watch the clouds float slowly past
they wrestle and they play;
there are so many on the lane
on such a quiet day!

And the 'quiet' is so welcome with
as busy as it's been
these past few weeks this summertime,
as evening does begin.
For now, the streets and highways are
so busy and bustling
with so many on vacation
and, at work, hustling!

Not THIS evening, though, as I
spend time with my creator!
Beholding all that He creates--
no other time is greater!
He speaks to me of all I saw
in this even time,
and He makes sure that I have plenty
to make these lines to rhyme!
He is so very generous,
so loving and so kind!
As He makes sure, these precious moments,
are bountiful to find!

Out in the back yard once again at the end of a busy day.  Even though the day went smoothly, He makes sure there is plenty to entertain my sight as we commune!

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