Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Each New Day!

Every day we go through is different!  There is a way, however, to get the best results out of each new day.  Start it out with Jesus Christ!  He avails Himself to any and all who call upon His Holy Name!

My Jesus, He is with this man
but all throughout the day!
He greets me when I rise, and we
converse of life alway!
Already is a plan ordained
for each one of His Own.
But, only to Himself is every
detail fully known.

As I leave the house, does He
direct mine each way so.
No thing is like His love and care,
I've surely come to know!
And nothing like His leadership
available at all!
So very blessed and fortunate
be them that know His Call!

So refreshing, being with
the Lord, first of the day!
He sets the tone for everything
that's going to come our way!
And He assures that 'victory'
we'll enjoy at the end!
My Jesus, He is God--but He
is also my best Friend!

How does YOUR day start, my friend?  I promise you, if you will start it out with time with Jesus, victorious you will be throughout your day, regardless of what arises!

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