Sunday, August 20, 2023

Big Business!

Oh, how times have changed!  For the better?  Maybe for some.  Remember when you could go to a local business and the owner knew you by name?  They knew about your families, and they went the extra mile to make sure that you were a satisfied customer OR employee!  Such businesses are still out there, but they are becoming a rare species!

Why do some with 'authority'

lord it over others?
They take the 'power' that they have,
use it, and it smothers!
When all they REALLY have to do
is 'listen' to the crew?
Already can we run the store
while 'they' do what they do!

They own so many stores already.
HOW can they keep track?
With THAT many, that 'personal touch,'
with many do they lack!
Gone be them stopping by and saying
"Hello!" at all hours;
and 'getting to know' anyone
is now beyond their powers.

Oh, bring back the days when 'powers' cared,
and made their way around
and checked the status of locations,
making sure folks were 'sound.'
They even asked about employees
and checked on their 'well-being.'
In the days that are, such 'care'
so rarely are we seeing!
Rather, enjoying all their wealth
seem they so to be,
(if not seeking more to buy
in business property!)
But THEY must answer to THE God
for actions on That Day.
At that moment, they MUST have
THE right things that they say!

Am I complaining.  No.  Just pointing out facts.  Because I DO recall the days when business owners actually came down to the business, spoke with customers AND employees, and even 'jumped in' and lent a hand when we were short-handed!  Oh...those were wonderful days, times that I shall never forget!

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