Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Back in The Big City

Another day of labor in this temporary place.  Today, though, I have been requested to go into "the big city" and testify at a very large church.  IT is so wonderful to hear about how God is moving here!  I'll tell you what, though, I will NEVER complain about "small-town life."  EVER!!

10 lanes of traffic, moving like a snail!

How do folks do this each day without fail?!
At home, 'traffic' is a tractor we must pass.
But in these locations, it's a constant mass!
But there are places that we have to be.
And many folks are there for us to see!
Creator God is waiting at that place.
He set it up so I could share His grace!
And folks are there to worship and to praise
with songs of adoration, hands to raise
unto The Only One Who saves the soul,
heals, answers prayer and makes one whole!

Yes, that which He has called this man to do,
it takes this man all over, that is true!
HE gets the glory, and the folks are blessed
with lasting testimonies, they attest!
In spite of traffic that is at a crawl,
God stays exalted!  He's our Wherewithal!
I glorify Him as we move along,
and He keeps aflame inside that Living Song!
That Song that we shall sing eternally
when He splits the skies and comes for such as we!!
Oh, my friend, won't it be wonderful there?
The only traffic?  Angels everywhere!
Doing that which God instructs them to!
Tending to His guests, like myself and you!
Rewarding us for following His lead
and, the will of Jesus, for to heed!
Forevermore, in Paradise above,
availed to us through His abundant love!

HEAVEN.  Set aside for ALL who have given their hearts to Jesus!  Given to them that follow His lead here.  Given to ALL that respond faithfully to His Calling...regardless where one lives!!

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