Friday, August 25, 2023

An easier Day ahead!

The longer we live, it seems the more 'complicated' folks make life!  Such does not have to be, and, soon and very soon, IT WON'T BE!  HALLELUJAH!  Jesus is coming soon, and 'living' will get a whole lot easier!

No more reminders

that's The Heaven I look forward to,
and it is under-rated!!
No more traffic, no more deadlines,
no more breakdowns at all!
That's the Heaven I look forward to,
and, soon, the Trumpet Call!
And Jesus, He will split the skies,
as He returns in power!
Every eye will see Him in
His glory in that hour!!
He's coming in all majesty,
with fanfare and surprise!
His appearance may be foreign
to so many eyes!
The same may be 'familiar,' though,
to them who've spent the time
upon their knees; communing with Him,
higher so to climb!

No more of the 'requirements'
this life has had on all,
will hinder or affect us then
beyond that Glory Call!
Just savoring our time with Christ
for all eternity,
and discovering the glories
set aside for such as we! more phone calls at all hours reminding us to be at a certain place and when!  No more 'required tests' to take just so we can keep our insurance!  Life will be perfect there, with brand new bodies that will never break down or be afflicted with the issues of THIS life!
"Oh, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

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