Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Alone with God in the Morning

Starting a brand new day with the Lord, out in the yard, overlooking His glorious creation!  It is newer every day, you know?  And He WANTS this time with you!

The morning sun, so welcoming

as living starts to live!
Already are my steps ordained,
now, how much can I give?
Already, am I given
everything I need by Him-
how much of it can I dispense
when I go into 'them?'

My Father, He has made a day
of beauty, life and wonder.
I will allow no thing at all
to grab and pull me under!
For I know there are 'things' awaiting
right outside that door
that might embezzle this man out of
the joy I have God for!
But not a thing shall be allowed
to rob this man of such!
As, everywhere I look this morning,
is my Father's touch!
And everywhere I go today,
He's waiting there for me,
revealing Himself in the folks
that I shall serve and see!

But later on.  Right now, I visit
with my Lord and King!
I listen to His Holy Word,
and, unto Him, I sing!
As, while we enjoy the beauty
He has made by hand,
in the trees, the spacious skies
and all across the land!

Spending another glorious morning with God and His Word, looking out across His glorious creation!  It is newer every morning, you know?  Just a preparation of what He has in store for me as I go out into the world in a little while!

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