Friday, August 18, 2023

All The Better For It?

Advanced?  Convenient?  Easier?  Sure, daily life has become that over the decades, but at what 'cost?'

Clinging to the things that 'work,'
the things that 'used to be...'
Those things and ways possessing 'value'
that seem a rarity!
We've let so many things go by
in 'progress's' name!
If all of us would take a step back
we'd realize the shame!

We use computers now, instead
of picking up the phone!
Even doing such, how can
'emotion' be made known?!
Further, we pick up the phone
instead of 'stopping by!'
So 'fellowship' has disappeared!
Why?  oh why?  OH WHY?!

Sure, the innovations and
advancements of the day
have made life so much easier
in an astounding way!!
But at what cost to 'socializing,'
these conveniences, they are?
Looking deeply, have such 'benefits'
gotten us that far?

'Oh, return us to simplicity, Lord,
lest we become detached.
And, by electronics, we
become equally matched!
We NEED to be with one another,
and NOT from afar!
Already has 'communication'
become a painful scar!!

Oh, the days that we are in.  Sure, life is mostly 'convenient' for a lot of us.  We can get online or make a phone call and get most anything delivered to our door.  We can even go to church by 'streaming.'  But I truly do not think that is what God intended life to be!


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