Monday, August 7, 2023

A Very Full Day!

The day is filled with variety.  Some of that 'variety' is not very pleasant!  However, never forget Whose you are and the tools He has to get you through the day!

"Your loving arms, oh Lord, are everywhere!

They embrace me while they're 'over there!'
There is not a thing, Lord, that escapes Your eyes,
and, each emotion, do You realize!
Everything in life You understand.
So proven by the nail-prints in Your hand!
ANYONE, to You, oh Lord, may turn!
There is NO ONE that Your love will spurn!
For even when Your Chosen are in pain,
You make sure that it may be to our gain!
But, Lord, You make sure the suffering is not long,
a precious gift to them that do belong!
The power in Your Blood, to overtake-
thus, a better day, You ALWAYS make!
Lord Jesus, You are NEVER 'unaware!
Never-ending is Your perfect care!

This life attempts to always 'get its way,'
regardless of who gets hurt along the way!
But You are Omniscient of it all,
and all that we must do is, Your Name, call,
for healing touch, then, we will feel inside,
along with angels ever at our side!

Yes, each new day, a challenge is to be,
but not one of them will ever come to be
greater than Your care, Lord, for Your Own!
Your Presence, evermore, will it be known!
Thus, we cling unto Your care through it all!
We speak Your Name--it is our wherewithal!
Far greater than the challenges of life...
more than damage, injury or strife...
forever greater, Jesus, are Your loving arms
than ANY of THIS life's abundant harms!"

NEVER take for granted the love, care and concern that Jesus has for each and every one of us!  Make sure that communication with Him is part of Your everyday...ALL DAY!  He will not ever let you down or disappoint!

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