Thursday, August 10, 2023

A Song Somewhere Out There!!

Mid-morning already?!  All throughout the morning, however, through all we have been doing around the house, we have had a 'narration!'  Somewhere, out in one of those trees, there is one bird that has so much joy in its voice that it even permeates the walls of this house!  What a glorious gift!

That bird that has so glorious a song
has been serenading us all morning long!
His song, it is so joyous and so bright,
it generates such joy and such delight!
And he does so on a day so fair and clear
that you can almost see eternity from here!
For only God knows the variety
and the number of each thriving tree!

As we listen to the constant song,
long-necked geese go sailing right along!
They make their way across the lake, side-to-side,
honking at us as they slowly glide!
A sight so seasonal to them that see,
(those not too busy for the scenery!)

But that song!  So very beautiful and loud-
no other 'noise' about to be a shroud!
I savor it as long as time allows,
as there be no limit unto what avows!
"Father, thank You for this 'sonnet on the wing,'
inducing even us to join in and sing!
For You are worthy of this priceless tune-
that every living thing with breath should croon!"

That includes YOU, my friend!!  Join in with all life in that wonderful song dedicated to God alone!  He is worthy, you know?  For without Him, we would have no life at all!  HE IS THE GIVER OF ALL LIFE!  Praise His Mighty Name!


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