Monday, August 7, 2023

A Day Without Challenges!

Ah...rising to a morning filled with peace and calm!  Not every day is like this, but the ones that are are certainly enjoyable!

No challenges this morning as
I walk into the day.
The sun is oh so high above
in glorious display!
And, from the deck, with coffee, one
can see forever on,
now that the rain and all the clouds,
they are completely gone!

So glorious is His creation
under sunny skies!
Such a precious treat unto the vision
with the hungry eyes!
He blesses so abundantly,
with His grand creation,
ANY that will call Him "Lord,"
establishing relation!

Challenges and trials, they
are but a part of life!
BUT GOD, He tempers them, so that
they don't amount to strife!
For we all face them every day,
but, when we overcome,
we are stronger, we are better,
HIS victory, our sum!

Yes, each and every day has its challenges!  It is a great blessing, however, when we rise in the morning and said challenges are not the first thing we encounter!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  Look to Him first thing each day and He WILL cause you to overcome!


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