Thursday, August 31, 2023

Time Away!

A day away from "The daily grind."  So needed.  So necessary in EVERY life!  I truly pray that YOU make the most of YOUR time away from "The Daily Grind!"

The hummingbirds are chasing
one another off the feeders!
(Even though there are plenty on
my land for tiny eaters!)
They have a perfect day as they
pursue one another.
It is so entertaining, at times,
the antics of each other!

The first day of September is
so beautiful and bright!
Because God is so glorious,
the day is a delight!
Birds of every kind are out,
flying here and there,
enjoying all the freedom that
they have up in the air!
Savoring the sunlight and
the multitude of trees.
Taking in late summer glory!
Life--it is at ease!

God provides times here and there
because He knows the rush
that every day, it can become,
lest we have times of 'hush!'
He knows so well the way that 'life'
can 'gang-up' upon you.
But He's right there.  Escorting us.
So that we make it through!
And watching little, tiny birds
that most choose to ignore,
is just one way He calms THIS man
for what 'life' has in store!

"Thank You, Father God, for this piece of land that you've blessed us with and all these little birds that calm and entertain us!  You think of everything, Father!  You are so good to us!


Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Each New Day!

Every day we go through is different!  There is a way, however, to get the best results out of each new day.  Start it out with Jesus Christ!  He avails Himself to any and all who call upon His Holy Name!

My Jesus, He is with this man
but all throughout the day!
He greets me when I rise, and we
converse of life alway!
Already is a plan ordained
for each one of His Own.
But, only to Himself is every
detail fully known.

As I leave the house, does He
direct mine each way so.
No thing is like His love and care,
I've surely come to know!
And nothing like His leadership
available at all!
So very blessed and fortunate
be them that know His Call!

So refreshing, being with
the Lord, first of the day!
He sets the tone for everything
that's going to come our way!
And He assures that 'victory'
we'll enjoy at the end!
My Jesus, He is God--but He
is also my best Friend!

How does YOUR day start, my friend?  I promise you, if you will start it out with time with Jesus, victorious you will be throughout your day, regardless of what arises!

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

THE 'Uncommon' Victory!

Blessings on you!
There is an everlasting victory available to any and ALL that are willing!  It is The Victory provided once you give your life to Jesus!  He gave His whole life for you and I so that we could know it!  Please do not ignore it, my friend!

Over life and all we see,
that's constantly to come our way
in this life but every day!
Because we're children of The King!
He gives us cause to ALWAYS sing
a song so very deep inside,
though struggles be intensified!

The Lord, He knew what we go through!
Before He walked this earth He knew!
Thus, He provides for all we need,
and His provision does exceed!
He gives and gives, and then gives more
than we could ever ask Him for!
And He makes sure that we succeed
at every task requiring need!

So glorious is the victory
that Jesus has for such as we!
A taste of His eternity
that, soon and very soon, shall be!
My Jesus has it all worked out!
So, at the Trumpet and a shout,
we will be in His Glory Land
in victory, with Him, to stand!

Will YOU be there too?  I surely pray that You will!!  All you must do is ask Him to forgive you of your sins, give your soul to Jesus and ask Him to reside in your heart.  He's taken care of everything else!  Do it even right now!  He's ready and waiting with grace everlasting!

In HIS Service,


Monday, August 28, 2023

A Holy Stillness!

A few days late in posting this.  Please forgive me.  But I was up early Sunday morning and the calm and quiet were so inviting, I just had to record it before the busy Church day!

Absolute stillness
to start this holy day!
The mountain peaks across the way
stand proud in tall display!
Winds groom them as we prepare
once more for Father's House,
there to receive a word from Him,
as, much later, clouds will douse!

That is in a while, though,
right now is time with Him!
beneath the autumn sun that shows
no signs of getting dim!
I speak to Him so briefly, but
I listen more and more!
He has so much to say each day
that's so worth waiting for!

Precious time with Jesus in
the morning, in the peace.
The hummingbirds to join me as,
His worship, I release!
And so much other wildlife
attempting to distract.
They only contribute to the wonder
as We interact!

Early, early on a Sunday morning.  With my coffee, I retreat to the back deck and prepare for today's service, and the weather that is supposed to come later in the day.  Time with Him is so priceless, yet I know so many who just let it pass by!  They don't know what they're missing!


Sunday, August 27, 2023

The Way of the World!

Another day of 'pressing on.'  Another day of watching how many ways people can treat others that are the same as them!  "Oh Lord, how long will it last?"

There is a place where weather,
strife and sickness don't exist!
It waits for us beyond the sky,
Our Father, He resides there on
His everlasting throne!
And His Presence, ever-constantly
shall it be known!
He shall go about His children
at any and all times,
making sure that all is perfect
and that 'living' rhymes!
He cared for each of us throughout
our living through these days,
and choosing His will, He'll give reward
as we give Him due praise!

Yes, there is a place where issues of
this life will matter not!
And God, Himself, for EVERYONE,
He has reserved a spot!
He has but one requirement:
that we would serve His Son!
Let Him reside inside YOUR heart,
and happiness will be won!
That Place where God abides in love-
we shall be there one day!
It will be perfect there, and we
will celebrate for aye!
"Come quickly, oh most Holy Lord!
Escort us to That Place
where we will live in peace forever
and look into His face!"

Heaven cannot come soon enough!  It seems that the longer we are here in this place, the more painful it becomes!  Ahh...but all of that will change when The Trumpet sounds and Jesus Christ Himself splits the skies to receive His Own!


Saturday, August 26, 2023

Time to Start!

Morning once again.  Time to find a spot to sit down with my coffee and talk with God, my Father.  Living in such a place as this, those 'spots' are not hard to find...

Through a magnitude of branches
sunshine filters in.
It flitters out across the lake
where are the fishermen.
They got out there before the dawn
so they could beat the heat.
Before they leave, they shall have plenty
for their kids to eat!
As varied as their techniques are,
so varied be the land!
All of it to be provided
by God the Father's hand.
His concern and care for us
also include 'pleasure,'
and when it comes to The Creator,
there's no way to measure!

It is so very beautiful
to gaze out at the lake!
Maybe, in a little while,
a brief swim we will take.
But, first, there are things to be done
around the property.
Then later on, some time for swimming
for us us there will be.
For the moment, though, a time
for fellowship have I
with The Creator of it all:
Father God Most High!
We savor this most glorious day,
(the He created, too!)
while there be naught to interfere
with the glorious view!

What does YOUR morning look like?  I certainly pray that it includes sights that God alone creates!  I bet it does!  It only takes a few moments set aside to find it!


Friday, August 25, 2023


Look around.  The signs are EVERYWHERE!  And the signs are not just affecting the lost!  There are people and situations that have no regard for who they hurt or what their actions do!

So close be now the Trumpet Blast
announcing His Return!
The signs be everywhere about,
impossible to spurn!
The love of folks be waxing cold,
amongst even the elect!
We 'pick-and-choose' associates,
being quite select!
'Love ye one another!'
He did not tell us 'Only them
that we consider 'brother!'

For Jesus went about with love
for everyone at all,
even those rebuking Him
and mocking His Great Call!
Yet, he pressed on, loving, healing,
teaching to the end,
showing how to be a 'brother,'
how to be a 'friend!'

Oh, but we so need that now
in this decaying place!
The way that people treat each other-
"Come quickly, oh Lord Jesus, that
we get along with all,
and there be love amongst ALL men,
and peace that passes all!"

Yes, "Come Quickly, Lord Jesus!" be the heart-cry of all that follow Him and heed to His ways!
For this world and the wickedness that goes on seem to go unchecked and are rampant!  BUT
GOD is watching, and HE will have final say!

An easier Day ahead!

The longer we live, it seems the more 'complicated' folks make life!  Such does not have to be, and, soon and very soon, IT WON'T BE!  HALLELUJAH!  Jesus is coming soon, and 'living' will get a whole lot easier!

No more reminders

that's The Heaven I look forward to,
and it is under-rated!!
No more traffic, no more deadlines,
no more breakdowns at all!
That's the Heaven I look forward to,
and, soon, the Trumpet Call!
And Jesus, He will split the skies,
as He returns in power!
Every eye will see Him in
His glory in that hour!!
He's coming in all majesty,
with fanfare and surprise!
His appearance may be foreign
to so many eyes!
The same may be 'familiar,' though,
to them who've spent the time
upon their knees; communing with Him,
higher so to climb!

No more of the 'requirements'
this life has had on all,
will hinder or affect us then
beyond that Glory Call!
Just savoring our time with Christ
for all eternity,
and discovering the glories
set aside for such as we! more phone calls at all hours reminding us to be at a certain place and when!  No more 'required tests' to take just so we can keep our insurance!  Life will be perfect there, with brand new bodies that will never break down or be afflicted with the issues of THIS life!
"Oh, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

Thursday, August 24, 2023

The Bringer of Words

A glorious afternoon, once more, God has created!  I grab a drink, grab a pen and pad, and go out under the towering oaks that He has made.  As I open my page, I KNOW that He will have SOMETHING to say...

A gentle wind is tickling the chimes,

in the afternoon as I make rhymes.
The weather and the heat must I ignore,
so I assemble words that would adore!
And adoration goes to Christ, alone!
The ONLY One in Whom salvation's known!
The suffering He went through for our sin-
He lived and died that we be born-again!
Born into the new life He provides.
When we do, His great favor, so abides!

God Most High--He compensates for all,
and even more for them, His Name to call!
We are so very, very, very blessed
as we, His Name and wonder, have confessed!
So faithful He when I pick up this pen
to give me words that minister to men!
Words to uplift, to heal and inspire,
words that edify The One that's higher!

So here am I again with pen-in-hand.
Listening, oh Lord, for Your command!
I KNOW You have a word for me to share,
to minister, to bless or even care!
I know that You will fill in every line,
because You are so faithful to incline!
So, Lord, whatever word You have to say,
I listen for and watch this glorious day
that You have crafted for us once again!
Please speak, that I could minister to men!

So faithful.  So dependable.  Holy Spirit ALWAYS comes through with words about my Father and His creation whenever I avail myself!  Trust Him always, my friend.  He will NEVER let you down!

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Signs of 'The End?'

I know there are plenty of so-called 'prophets' out there that are saying 'SEE!  I TOLD YOU SO!'  I don't wanna hear it!  Yes, I know that His Word declares such times as these the closer we get to the return of Jesus.  But, hey, let us be empathetic, as we are all in this together!

"Finally, FINALLY, 
a break from wretched heat!
The Lord blessed us with needed rain,
while we slept, quiet and sweet!
Looking out across the land
on this early dawn,
everything is fresh and wet,

I pray that it will stay this way
for myself and others!
I do not work outside today,
but I have sisters and brothers
that are out there building things...
serving...delivering things...on patrol,
and I know they appreciate
the heat under control!
But we need more rain for farmers for
the herds and for the grain.
I know too many, Father, who
have gone through so much pain,
losing livestock, losing acres
all because of 'HEAT!'
You love us too much, Father, to just
'...leave us in the heat!'

I know Your Word declares that,
as we're in the Final Days,
'extremes' will happen that are foreign
to our 'settled' ways!
But You're a Loving Father, full
of mercy, full of grace,
and You'll be watching over us
until we're in That Place!'"

Rain.  Precious rain!  I will NEVER complain about it again!  Sure, it may slow your day down a bit, but it is a necessity that we cannot live without!  (Not in THIS life!)

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Eye Candy!

God's great creation!  I get to savor it this early evening, now that all chores and tasks are taken care of!  What a wonderful time!  I surely pray that YOU have such time somewhere in your day to enjoy His Presence out in His Creation!

Taking note this evening of
the wonder of it all!
There is an inch worm on the rail,
so gradually to crawl.
The blue jays haven't seen him yet,
or else he would be gone!
And he bothers not the hummingbirds,
that are, the feeders, on!

As I watch the clouds float slowly past
they wrestle and they play;
there are so many on the lane
on such a quiet day!

And the 'quiet' is so welcome with
as busy as it's been
these past few weeks this summertime,
as evening does begin.
For now, the streets and highways are
so busy and bustling
with so many on vacation
and, at work, hustling!

Not THIS evening, though, as I
spend time with my creator!
Beholding all that He creates--
no other time is greater!
He speaks to me of all I saw
in this even time,
and He makes sure that I have plenty
to make these lines to rhyme!
He is so very generous,
so loving and so kind!
As He makes sure, these precious moments,
are bountiful to find!

Out in the back yard once again at the end of a busy day.  Even though the day went smoothly, He makes sure there is plenty to entertain my sight as we commune!

Monday, August 21, 2023


Having worked with the public for almost 50 years, you overhear folks talking back and forth.  At times, they include you in those conversations.  Here are a few examples of 'overhearing,' and from experience...

"Why is it, at THIS age, I'm showing
signs of 'growing old?'
I have a close friend in Hawaii
that lives a life so bold!
On his racing motorbike,
the island covers he!
12 years older is this man
with boundless energy!"

"I have a customer at work.
His age is 94!
Several times each week, he comes
for things, his projects, for!
He shows no slowing down at all
for jobs he has on call.
As the days go by, he runs
his business for all!"

And here, I ride an iron horse
down the Pacific Coast,
Taking in the beauty that
my God, alone, can boast!
I pull off on a side rest and
gaze out across the sea.
A surfer is catching perfect waves.
In the past, that would be me!
Not anymore!  My joints prevent me
from that kind of fun!
But I can put it into words-
HIS gift that is not done!

I do not understand the "Why's?"
that this life gives and takes,
but I will savor every moment
that my Father makes!

Yes, life gives and takes.  I cannot do some of the things I used to do.  BUT, there are some things that I can still do!  You are the same way.  Keep doing all that you can for as long as you can and thank God every day for the abilities you have...while you still have them!


Sunday, August 20, 2023

Big Business!

Oh, how times have changed!  For the better?  Maybe for some.  Remember when you could go to a local business and the owner knew you by name?  They knew about your families, and they went the extra mile to make sure that you were a satisfied customer OR employee!  Such businesses are still out there, but they are becoming a rare species!

Why do some with 'authority'

lord it over others?
They take the 'power' that they have,
use it, and it smothers!
When all they REALLY have to do
is 'listen' to the crew?
Already can we run the store
while 'they' do what they do!

They own so many stores already.
HOW can they keep track?
With THAT many, that 'personal touch,'
with many do they lack!
Gone be them stopping by and saying
"Hello!" at all hours;
and 'getting to know' anyone
is now beyond their powers.

Oh, bring back the days when 'powers' cared,
and made their way around
and checked the status of locations,
making sure folks were 'sound.'
They even asked about employees
and checked on their 'well-being.'
In the days that are, such 'care'
so rarely are we seeing!
Rather, enjoying all their wealth
seem they so to be,
(if not seeking more to buy
in business property!)
But THEY must answer to THE God
for actions on That Day.
At that moment, they MUST have
THE right things that they say!

Am I complaining.  No.  Just pointing out facts.  Because I DO recall the days when business owners actually came down to the business, spoke with customers AND employees, and even 'jumped in' and lent a hand when we were short-handed!  Oh...those were wonderful days, times that I shall never forget!

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Still Yearning!

Yesterday, I wrote of simpler times in relationships...IN LIFE!  Today, God has me still thinking of those easier times.  Hmm...what's He trying to say to us?

Again, to yearn for those past times
that, so much simpler, were.
Those hallowed days when just a 'handshake'
sealed a deal for sure!
You didn't give a second thought
about it taking place.
You knew, because you shook their hand,
that you would not lose face!
In the days that are, however,
attorneys need to be,
and 'retainers' must be paid up front,
for services to be.
From working on a car to fixing
something in the yard-
Why have we made His simple life
so very, very hard?!

It should NOT have to be this way,
but God said it in His Word!
He also told us times that are
would surely be occurred!
The closer we get to the end
and when He's coming back,
more difficult would life become,
and it's NOT going to slack!
So, know that, as this life, more
complicated does become,
keep your eyes upon the skies,
for He is going to come!
Make sure your heart's in order so
that, ready, you will be
to join the Lord in glory Land
and live eternally!

You remember THOSE days, don't you?  I could buy produce for my grocery store from the guy across town that grew it and think nothing of it!  In this day and age, the grocer can only sell things from their warehouse that come from 'approved' distributers!  A sad day it has become for the 'independent' market!

Friday, August 18, 2023

All The Better For It?

Advanced?  Convenient?  Easier?  Sure, daily life has become that over the decades, but at what 'cost?'

Clinging to the things that 'work,'
the things that 'used to be...'
Those things and ways possessing 'value'
that seem a rarity!
We've let so many things go by
in 'progress's' name!
If all of us would take a step back
we'd realize the shame!

We use computers now, instead
of picking up the phone!
Even doing such, how can
'emotion' be made known?!
Further, we pick up the phone
instead of 'stopping by!'
So 'fellowship' has disappeared!
Why?  oh why?  OH WHY?!

Sure, the innovations and
advancements of the day
have made life so much easier
in an astounding way!!
But at what cost to 'socializing,'
these conveniences, they are?
Looking deeply, have such 'benefits'
gotten us that far?

'Oh, return us to simplicity, Lord,
lest we become detached.
And, by electronics, we
become equally matched!
We NEED to be with one another,
and NOT from afar!
Already has 'communication'
become a painful scar!!

Oh, the days that we are in.  Sure, life is mostly 'convenient' for a lot of us.  We can get online or make a phone call and get most anything delivered to our door.  We can even go to church by 'streaming.'  But I truly do not think that is what God intended life to be!


Thursday, August 17, 2023

God has Perfect Timing!

'Go ye unto all the world and preach the Good News...'  He did NOT tell us to go out into the world and shove it down their throats!  How many 'well-meaning' Christians are guilty of that?  

The souls of oh so many,

they are wandering, they're lost!
They go through the day as best they can
and do not count the cost!
They are living life the way they want,
not knowing what's ahead!
To get The Gospel unto them
we must be Spirit-led!
We must be versed in Scripture, so
that His Truth, we can share.
We must be sure about their lives,
and GENUINELY care!
We must make sure THEY can see Jesus
in OUR lives each day,
if we are to explain to them
the Straight and Narrow Way!

Oh, the souls of oh, so many, 
they cross our paths each day.
Each of them has needs or issues
we see not, and they won't say.
But as we share the love of Jesus
and His great salvation,
that may lead them to open up
and establish relation!
We do so, though, by LIVING Him,
not by 'preaching at them!'
For that will only drive a wedge,
and cause a greater chasm!
So live ye godly lives before them.
The time will come around
when they are ready for The Seed
to find that fertile ground.

I have lived long enough and have seen so many 'well-meaning' Christians drive away potential followers of Christ!  He did not call us to do that!  He DID call us to 'be ready at all times with a word 'in season' on our tongue' for those who come our way.  When you are truly open to Holy Spirit and His ways, you will know exactly when that time comes!

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

That's Just Life!

Life gives and takes.  And this life is no respecter of person!  Each one of us, should we be so blessed, will reach a point when we need the assistance of someone else.  

When my brother cannot function like
the way God made him to;
a disease or injury has set him back
to a time that so few knew!
It's up to US--friends, church members,
folks down at his job,
to step up, step in and do our best,
lest life, itself, would rob!
Already He's secure within
The Father's very palm, 
there receiving healing touch,
there receiving calm,
but he needs you and I, as well,
to offer what we can!
After all, he is a member
of our fellow man!
We may not know of his affliction,
but we know he needs care!
And every one of us has something
we can freely share!
And, whatever we may do for him,
our God, He will replace!
Because of His abundant love,
His mercy and His grace!!

When my brother cannot 'function' right,
it's up to all of us
to do all that we can for him,
and do not fight or fuss!
Each of us will be there some day,
some way or another.
When we do, (and with God's help,)
may there be a willing brother!

Yes, each of us will get to that point someday, should Jesus so tarry and should God grant us favor!  May there be those who love us THEN enough to lend a helping hand when necessary!


Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Back in The Big City

Another day of labor in this temporary place.  Today, though, I have been requested to go into "the big city" and testify at a very large church.  IT is so wonderful to hear about how God is moving here!  I'll tell you what, though, I will NEVER complain about "small-town life."  EVER!!

10 lanes of traffic, moving like a snail!

How do folks do this each day without fail?!
At home, 'traffic' is a tractor we must pass.
But in these locations, it's a constant mass!
But there are places that we have to be.
And many folks are there for us to see!
Creator God is waiting at that place.
He set it up so I could share His grace!
And folks are there to worship and to praise
with songs of adoration, hands to raise
unto The Only One Who saves the soul,
heals, answers prayer and makes one whole!

Yes, that which He has called this man to do,
it takes this man all over, that is true!
HE gets the glory, and the folks are blessed
with lasting testimonies, they attest!
In spite of traffic that is at a crawl,
God stays exalted!  He's our Wherewithal!
I glorify Him as we move along,
and He keeps aflame inside that Living Song!
That Song that we shall sing eternally
when He splits the skies and comes for such as we!!
Oh, my friend, won't it be wonderful there?
The only traffic?  Angels everywhere!
Doing that which God instructs them to!
Tending to His guests, like myself and you!
Rewarding us for following His lead
and, the will of Jesus, for to heed!
Forevermore, in Paradise above,
availed to us through His abundant love!

HEAVEN.  Set aside for ALL who have given their hearts to Jesus!  Given to them that follow His lead here.  Given to ALL that respond faithfully to His Calling...regardless where one lives!!

Monday, August 14, 2023


WHAT A WAY TO START THE DAY!!  And NOT when it was planned to start.  However, that is life here in the Ozarks.  BUT GOD is in control, and He will take care of us through it all...

Morning wakes me with a loud bang!

Storms are moving through.
I turn the news on and see how much
damage it will do!
The rain is necessary, yes,
but NOT tornadoes cursed!
When those occur with all their violence,
it's the very worst!

"Oh Father, thank You for the rain
with all its benefits.
In the summer, it's so welcome
from the heat that hits!
But Lord, the 'violence' that may come
with any storm that be-
we could surely do without!
Too much we already see!
So, Lord, please take care of all the folks
that are in this storm's path,.
I know the lakes will benefit
from mother nature's wrath!
But there is so much more that comes
with storms that come our way,
and its damage is not welcome
at ANY time of day!"

The majesty and wonder-
that same exact a price!
And what a violent storm can do,
not ever is it nice!
We pray for ALL enduring such,
protection comes from God.
In spite of all that happens, His
protection is not flawed!

Please keep all of those who have been affected by storms of late in prayer so that they will be protected and can recover.  The Word of God says that "It rains on the just and the unjust."  So please pray for ALL of them.  God can protect and provide...AND HE WILL!

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Through Each Day...

Day in, day out, 'living' takes its toll on us.  For some, it is successful and wonderful!  For others, it is 'just getting by.'  For still others, however, it is a challenge and quite painful!  Be empathetic for the latter, my friend, as they are closer than you think!

"Jesus, Jesus, we cry out
for You to come again!
We KNOW that, as we serve You, Lord,
that we are going to win!
For we have won already, Lord,
if we belong to You,
but long we so for to enjoy
eternal life anew!

Eternal life, where You reside,
and see You, face-to-face...
eternal life, where gone be all
debasement of this place!
Eternal life, where all corruption
will be disallowed!
No 'politics...'
just Paradise avowed!

'Even so, come quickly, Lord!'
It's in Your Holy Word!
We know that, at the Trumpet Blast,
that life will be occurred!
We press on to that day, oh Lord,
as You have told us to,
and be distracted not by 'issues,'
every day anew!

Yes, even so, come quickly, Lord,
in spite of 'daily life,'
as we press through the injustice,
sin and every strife!"

Heaven!  Paradise!  No more struggles, no more strife!  Just spending Eternity doing all that God has planned for us!  See it with me, won't you, my friend?!  It will be beyond anything we could ever imagine!  HALLELUJAH!


Saturday, August 12, 2023


Getting things done.  Going about the day, knowing all that must be taken care of and TRYING to do it with billions of other people.  There are standards set for our behavior, and when those are followed correctly, LIFE smoothly flows along!  Then, there are those who want to go against that flow!  Why?

It is NEVER too late
to disregard hate,
and find a more amiable way
to get labors done,
and even have fun,
and learn of each other each day!
For God placed us here,
and He knew we'd be near
to each other as we move along!
And He has the best way
to go through each day
and turn our lives into a song!
Though, a contest, it's not
to get to that spot
where, together, in peace, we reside,
we can ALL get along,
like verses in song,
in ways that agree and abide.
For I can be 'me,'
and 'we' can be 'we,'
wherever be that Narrow Way!
For He purposed each man
to live his own plan
and savor success every day!

While assisting a brother,
we help one another,
so that God will be glorified!
So, seek His desire,
(even if in the fire,)
and success--it will be on your side!
But we EACH must decide
if we'll join in that ride
while we remain individual each day!
All the while, don't forget
that HIS ways must be met,
as HE is The Truth, The Life and the Way!

Yes, ALL living beings have a certain way of doing things and different places to go.  That is one of the wonders that God made!  However, He also has limitations to our freedoms.  Woe to them that go beyond those limitations!  Not only does it upset His Grand Design, but they must also answer to Him on That Great Day!


Friday, August 11, 2023

Making a 'Neighbor'

FINALLY, the property down the way from us has been sold!  The older man who bought it moved in yesterday.  Do I mind my own business and leave him alone, or do I walk over there, introduce myself, learn about him and offer ourselves if he needs any help?  There are already too many 'neighbors' who just do not want anything to do with anyone!

My neighbor, he just moved here from

a much, much larger town.
We must try to welcome him,
so he's not 'feeling down.'
He has no friends or family
that he can call nearby.
To compensate for that,
it is for 'neighbors' such as I!

How would YOU feel if your whole world
was put into a place
where nothing is 'familiar' and
you did not know a face?!
For God has called us each to be
so welcoming and kind,
thus, we MUST make sure that this new 'neighbor,'
'at home' himself will find!

Introduction--getting him
to talk and 'open up,'
making sure he's 'comfortable,'
filling up his cup.
Listening to history
I'm sure that he has seen.
'Relating to him,' as he allows,
(if you know what I mean.)

A 'stranger' in the neighborhood,
let's not let him 'feel' that way!
'Reach out unto all the world,'
Christ told us in His day!
It's such a simple act, but it
requires time and space.
May each of us remember that
when 'strangers' we would face!

Have YOU 'gone out of your way' lately to introduce yourself to someone and try to make them feel 'welcome?'  How did it go?  Are you now friends with them?  If you did, GREAT!  But if you did and you were rejected, at least you know you put in an effort and followed God's command.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

A Song Somewhere Out There!!

Mid-morning already?!  All throughout the morning, however, through all we have been doing around the house, we have had a 'narration!'  Somewhere, out in one of those trees, there is one bird that has so much joy in its voice that it even permeates the walls of this house!  What a glorious gift!

That bird that has so glorious a song
has been serenading us all morning long!
His song, it is so joyous and so bright,
it generates such joy and such delight!
And he does so on a day so fair and clear
that you can almost see eternity from here!
For only God knows the variety
and the number of each thriving tree!

As we listen to the constant song,
long-necked geese go sailing right along!
They make their way across the lake, side-to-side,
honking at us as they slowly glide!
A sight so seasonal to them that see,
(those not too busy for the scenery!)

But that song!  So very beautiful and loud-
no other 'noise' about to be a shroud!
I savor it as long as time allows,
as there be no limit unto what avows!
"Father, thank You for this 'sonnet on the wing,'
inducing even us to join in and sing!
For You are worthy of this priceless tune-
that every living thing with breath should croon!"

That includes YOU, my friend!!  Join in with all life in that wonderful song dedicated to God alone!  He is worthy, you know?  For without Him, we would have no life at all!  HE IS THE GIVER OF ALL LIFE!  Praise His Mighty Name!


Wednesday, August 9, 2023


Day is done.  And very successful is this day!  For God saw to it I was protected and preserved, abundantly blessed, picked back up by my beautiful wife and arrived safely back home!  WHAT A MIGHTY GOD HE IS!  And now, to end the day, He puts on a spectacular display for us... 

After a day so filled with 'business'
nighttime has arrived.
In said day have we rejoiced,
struggled and we've strived.
It is all behind us now,
and, if we did our best,
we shall enjoy a time of peace,
filled with needed rest!

Before that time, however, 
I step out into the yard.
I gaze into the nighttime sky,
(from here, it is not hard!)
With my Father I converse,
and see each star aglow!
For He created each of them,
with just His voice, you know!
Just how many He created
is known to only Him!
He sees to it that, all those stars
and planets never dim!

And He sees that, the light IN US,
that light will ever shine
until that moment that He calls us
to Heaven, so divine!
For there, we will struggle and
see trials not anymore!
And take us to That Shore!"

No more darkness.  No more troubles.  No stresses of any kind!  Only rejoicing around the Throne of Jesus Christ our King!  That's what I think of as I behold the glory and the majesty of a clear night filled with His stars!


Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Alone with God in the Morning

Starting a brand new day with the Lord, out in the yard, overlooking His glorious creation!  It is newer every day, you know?  And He WANTS this time with you!

The morning sun, so welcoming

as living starts to live!
Already are my steps ordained,
now, how much can I give?
Already, am I given
everything I need by Him-
how much of it can I dispense
when I go into 'them?'

My Father, He has made a day
of beauty, life and wonder.
I will allow no thing at all
to grab and pull me under!
For I know there are 'things' awaiting
right outside that door
that might embezzle this man out of
the joy I have God for!
But not a thing shall be allowed
to rob this man of such!
As, everywhere I look this morning,
is my Father's touch!
And everywhere I go today,
He's waiting there for me,
revealing Himself in the folks
that I shall serve and see!

But later on.  Right now, I visit
with my Lord and King!
I listen to His Holy Word,
and, unto Him, I sing!
As, while we enjoy the beauty
He has made by hand,
in the trees, the spacious skies
and all across the land!

Spending another glorious morning with God and His Word, looking out across His glorious creation!  It is newer every morning, you know?  Just a preparation of what He has in store for me as I go out into the world in a little while!

Monday, August 7, 2023

A Day Without Challenges!

Ah...rising to a morning filled with peace and calm!  Not every day is like this, but the ones that are are certainly enjoyable!

No challenges this morning as
I walk into the day.
The sun is oh so high above
in glorious display!
And, from the deck, with coffee, one
can see forever on,
now that the rain and all the clouds,
they are completely gone!

So glorious is His creation
under sunny skies!
Such a precious treat unto the vision
with the hungry eyes!
He blesses so abundantly,
with His grand creation,
ANY that will call Him "Lord,"
establishing relation!

Challenges and trials, they
are but a part of life!
BUT GOD, He tempers them, so that
they don't amount to strife!
For we all face them every day,
but, when we overcome,
we are stronger, we are better,
HIS victory, our sum!

Yes, each and every day has its challenges!  It is a great blessing, however, when we rise in the morning and said challenges are not the first thing we encounter!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  Look to Him first thing each day and He WILL cause you to overcome!


A Very Full Day!

The day is filled with variety.  Some of that 'variety' is not very pleasant!  However, never forget Whose you are and the tools He has to get you through the day!

"Your loving arms, oh Lord, are everywhere!

They embrace me while they're 'over there!'
There is not a thing, Lord, that escapes Your eyes,
and, each emotion, do You realize!
Everything in life You understand.
So proven by the nail-prints in Your hand!
ANYONE, to You, oh Lord, may turn!
There is NO ONE that Your love will spurn!
For even when Your Chosen are in pain,
You make sure that it may be to our gain!
But, Lord, You make sure the suffering is not long,
a precious gift to them that do belong!
The power in Your Blood, to overtake-
thus, a better day, You ALWAYS make!
Lord Jesus, You are NEVER 'unaware!
Never-ending is Your perfect care!

This life attempts to always 'get its way,'
regardless of who gets hurt along the way!
But You are Omniscient of it all,
and all that we must do is, Your Name, call,
for healing touch, then, we will feel inside,
along with angels ever at our side!

Yes, each new day, a challenge is to be,
but not one of them will ever come to be
greater than Your care, Lord, for Your Own!
Your Presence, evermore, will it be known!
Thus, we cling unto Your care through it all!
We speak Your Name--it is our wherewithal!
Far greater than the challenges of life...
more than damage, injury or strife...
forever greater, Jesus, are Your loving arms
than ANY of THIS life's abundant harms!"

NEVER take for granted the love, care and concern that Jesus has for each and every one of us!  Make sure that communication with Him is part of Your everyday...ALL DAY!  He will not ever let you down or disappoint!

Sunday, August 6, 2023

I Don't Have 'Immunity!'

I've been told by folks that I run into that, because of who I am, I have no idea of the suffering they go through!  HUH!  If they only knew...

When everything inside of me
would ache and fill with pain,
and things go on around me that
I just cannot explain,
when everything I do is right
but just turns out all wrong,
I STOP, remind me who I am,
and to Whom I belong!
And Him to Whom this man belongs
embraces me once more,
assuring this man Whose I am
and all that I'm here for!
Reminding me that, all I go through,
it is NOT for naught!
And, secure inside His palm,
my whole life, He has got!

Reasons has He for all things
that go on in this life!
Yes, even that which happens, causing
pain and grief and strife!
BUT, most of life is pleasant, and
enjoyable to be!
And those aches and pains and challenges
are temporarily!
But Jesus--He is permanent!
Eternal, too, is He!
He'll NEVER leave us or forsake us,

So, even though it hurts today
to rise and move around,
my 'later on' and my 'tomorrow,'
they are safe and sound!
And Jesus' Blood--not ever has it
lost its mighty power!
For I can call His Mighty Name
regardless of the hour!

Precious promises and assurances that He established in His Word!  Priceless gifts that He blesses us with that I have called upon so many times!  AND HE HAS NO LIMIT!  I know that I know that this is ONLY TEMPORARY!  Very soon, He will touch me, the pain will be gone, and I will be glorifying Him and giving Him praise!  HE IS SO WORTHY!


Saturday, August 5, 2023

There MUST be Better!!

Turn on the the up the newspaper...or just take a trip downtown.  It can be downright depressing...IF NOT PAINFUL OR VIOLENT!

So many opportunities
to demonstrate such 'hate!"
Some to even go so far
as 'songs' that emulate!
Anything that seems to foster
'controversy' at all!
One thing that is 'certain--' they
stay central to one call!

Why has it become an art form
to 'irritate' one another?
We should be doing all we can
to make each man a 'brother!'
Jesus was not 'popular'
with ALL back in His day,
however, He went about spreading
God's LOVE along the way!

So, tell me, what can WE accomplish
to establish 'peace?'
First off, all habits of 'controversy,'
we must EACH release!
Stop exalting 'stars' who cash in
on violence of the past,
and develop habits of 'goodness'
that will surely last!

Opportunities to 'hate,'
they seem to multiply!
'Discrimination' of all kinds
and anger are sky high!
We MUST get back to simpler times
when people got along,
if we are to 'advance' at all!
Besides, we ALL belong!!

Is such even possible in THIS world?  OF COURSE, IT IS!  But it takes each and every one of us to put effort into it!  And just how many are willing to break 'tradition' and do that?


Thursday, August 3, 2023

Time of Greatest Value

There is a proper way to start each day.  God set it in order from the beginning.  However, as busy as the world has become, we have set God's plan aside and decided to 'get to him when WE have time!'  

Too often, do we start the day
and just 'put in our time!'
We move along, and take what's coming-
no reason or no rhyme!
Life, it 'happens' in a way
that we cannot control.
BUT GOD, He has a purpose, IF
we trust in Him in whole!
He has a perfect plan for every
person on this earth,
because, to Him, each one of us
possess great value and worth!
But, when we rise, ignoring Him,
and go about the day,
how can we receive 'The Perfect Plan,'
and know His perfect way?

So, set aside that time with Him
soon after you arise.
Converse with Him.  HE'S EVERYWHERE!
Not 'way up in the skies!'
Sure, that's where His throne exists,
but He is everywhere,
wanting to spend time with you,
due mercy, love and care!

So, MAKE THAT TIME before the rush
each day is to become!
And, success and victory,
for they will be your sum!
The stresses and anxieties,
they will not overtake,
as long as, fellowship with HIM,
that early time, you make!

'In the cool of the morning,' Adam met with God the Father.  It would certainly do us well to make it a habit to do the same!  

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Thoughts, Intentions and Deeds

Looking about life.  Watching the actions and listening to hearts of folks.  Being who I am and where God has placed me, I see quite a bit!  And this one thing I know: EVERY man will have to answer for EVERY thought and deed one of these days!

How many are the means devised
by people everyday
to exact pain upon another
in some sort of way?
That same time and money could go to
spread happiness and joy!
Yet, so many in so many ways
would rather, such, destroy!!

BUT WHY?!  For we are all the same
and, when this life is gone,
each will stand at that same Throne
and tell God what went on!
For we will be without excuse
as, ALL HEARTS, does He know!
Our 'reasons' or 'excuses' will
determine where we'll go!

So, why not live in service and
do good to every man?
It just may cause 'appreciation'
in life's every plan!
It just may cause a revolution,
every place we turn,
of 'doing right' and getting back
the same thing in return!

Yes, the world as we know it
seeks 'its way' and no other,
even if it brings harm to
a sister or a brother!
BUT GOD has purposed us to be
concerned NOT for 'just me,'
He made us to be looking after
other folks that be!

Have YOU gone out of your way lately to care for, care about or bless someone?  ANYONE?!  I promise you, God Most High sees and knows the desires, intents and actions of every heart!  AND HE NEVER FORGETS!