Sunday, July 23, 2023


It is surprising how dependent we become on 'luxuries!'  One of those 'luxuries' has been taken from us and no one has an answer on when it shall return!  Some panic.  Some get quite angry!  Some just take it in stride.  How do YOU react?

What did we do before the
internet, it came to be?
It's been down now for 24 hours,
but we have DVDs!
I cannot get online and post
the words God's given me...
I can't even watch the news and get
abreast of that which be!

What DID we do before the
internet 'took over' life?
We certainly enjoyed less stress!
We savored much less strife!
We actually made 'phone calls' to
check in on one another!
And families, they spent more time
caring for each other!

The internet has truly been
a gift for one and all.
But have we become 'addicted'
to its wherewithal?
Over a day without it due
to 'outages' somewhere
due to violent thunderstorms
that happen here and there!
So, checking email, checking news
is put away for now.
Rather, spending time with family
and her to whom I vow!
'Things' far more important than
just spending time on ME!
God KNEW, in His great wisdom that,
this time, it had to be!
Playing games and watching movies
suits THIS clan of mine!
It's probably just a 'glitch' that,
in due time, will be just fine!

'You never know how much you miss something until it is taken away somehow.'  We are surely learning the truth of that!  However, we are also finding ways to enjoy precious time with one another and have fun!  Hmm...


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