Monday, July 17, 2023

When 'words' seem worthless!

Sometimes, it seems fruitless to remind others "not to worry because God is in control."  How do you convey that to the believer that just watched his home get washed away in a flood?  Or the one who just watched his entire possessions get strung out over the land in a tornado or hurricane?  Having been through both, I pray that these 'mere words' from a poet sitting at a desk in a thunderstorm bring some solace!

Once again, nature comes,

its furies roar and flash!
Most times, it is glorious!
This time, though, wrath to lash!
So many still recovering
from storms of just last week!!
Tonight, again, the damages
are freely so to wreak!

'Oh Lord, we pray for everyone
that is in nature's path.
For sure, it is majestic, but
it packs a painful wrath!
Your protection and Your mercy
do we call upon,
that, damages and disaster,
surely be soon gone!
And them that are recovering,
and wondering what's next,
oh Lord My God, show them Your grace,
repairing all the wrecks!
We KNOW You have the resources,
as You own everything!
Please give them all a reason to
cry out Your Name and sing!

Another stormy night upon us,
but YOU are in control!
oh, PLEASE keep everybody safe
and every person whole!'

I used to marvel that such 'disasters' only struck the Ozarks.  NOT ANYMORE!  There are terrible things happening weather-wise in almost every corner of this country...AND AROUND THE WORLD!!  All we can do is try to continue to press on and cry out "Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

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