Tuesday, July 4, 2023

This Great Country!

AMERICA.  Land of the Free.  Home of the Brave.  WE ARE SO BLESSED TO RESIDE HERE!  There is no shame in taking pride in your country, while retaining a world-view on that which God has called us to do!

Oh beautiful, ye awesome land
in which we live and thrive!
I'm glad that IN AMERICA
I find myself alive!
Here, we have opportunities
availed no other place!
The same, it is made possible
due God's amazing grace!
We go and do things every day
most only dream about!
but proudly I will shout!
All while praying for those folks
but all about this globe
who cannot even fathom 'freedom,'
it's benefits to probe!

So, we celebrate with fireworks,
with picnics and with praise!
And, when we gather, it's the Name
of JESUS that we raise!
For in His mercy, He saw fit
to bless us with a life
in a country with abundant good,
and very little strife!

So, join me, everybody, in
giving praise to God Most High
with freedoms none deny!
Yes, praise Him each and every day!
AND give thanks for them that be
in uniform and keeping watch,

protecting LIBERTY!

I know this word reaches far beyond the borders of this wonderful country, but know that if you are in a place where these words seem 'foreign,' you are in our prayers.  And, IF you belong to Jesus, one day very soon we shall all be in a more wonderful place than even this one!  For in That Place, ALL will know LIBERTY!!

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