Saturday, July 15, 2023

Things to Ponder

Savoring the beauty of the day that God has created.  He gives us each day as a gift, you know?  That's why it is called 'the Present.'  Just how often do we think about that?  Hmm...

The sun of afternoon is full
after a stormy night!
The heat of summer, finally,
we find a great delight!
Some conveniences we take for granted
we have been without.
For three days here, the internet,
in areas, is out!

It is amazing how dependent
we become on 'things,'
a sense of 'loss,' to many, oh,
assuredly, it brings!
Anger and resentment set in,
for certain, it would seem.
Are we now 'unappreciative' of
'The American Deam?'
Right now, still, there are folks close to us
without electricity!
All because 'the elements'
they have their way so free!
Therefore, we compromise and adapt,
so we continue on,
and pray for them gone through the worst,
that God may spur them on!

"'Comfort and convenience' have
become a 'way of life;
thus, we become so, when
encountering any 'strife!'
O God, forgive us and please make us
to depend on YOU,
instead of the 'devices' we've
become accustomed to!"

Yes, we have become comfortable.  TOO COMFORTABLE?  We thank God daily for life's 'conveniences.'  BUT, have we become 'complacent' about the beauties and wonders of this life?  Think about it.


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