Saturday, July 29, 2023

That's My Jesus!!

I come into contact with a great deal of people each day.  A great 'variety' of people each day.  Each of them has a myriad of perspectives on Jesus...God...'religion' in general!  But what most are missing is the fact that Jesus is NOT a 'religion.' He is a personal relationship that is more valuable than anything in THIS life or anyone can imagine!

My Jesus is so wonderful,

so peaceful and so kind!
Every person on this earth
be always on His mind!
But those folks that are 'born-again'
are safe inside His heart!
NEVER shall He 'take a break,'
never to depart!

So wonderful my Jesus is!
He takes care of us so!
Everything about our lives
does He already know!
He knows what WAS, He knows what IS,
and He knows what WILL BE,
therefore, can we relax, because
of His stability!

Jesus, Jesus, wonderful!
And there is not another!
He's better than a friend, and He
is closer than a brother!
He listens when we speak to Him,
He answers every prayer!
I would not be alive today
if Jesus were not there!

My Jesus is so wonderful!
Do YOU know Him, my friend?
Ask Him to be Your Savior and
your life will never end!!
He'll love you and protect you unlike 
any other 'man!'
And He'll see you through eternity
like not another can!

Jesus.  My wonderful Jesus!  I can't begin to describe how wonderful life became when I bowed before Him and asked Him into my heart!!  Oh, the world around me was quite the same, but His Salvation gave me a fresh new outlook on it and enjoyment of it!  Try Him for yourself and see!  I DARE YOU!

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