Sunday, July 30, 2023

That Wonderful Place!

There is a Place awaiting The Redeemed that is just a Trumpet's Call away from here!  For in That Place, ALL will be wonderful and perfect...just like His Word has promised!  It could happen at any moment!!  Will YOU be ready?

In that place we so desire
so much is happening!
Folks we cannot number, they
are worshiping The King!
His throne, it is located there
with angels 'round about,
and everyone residing there,
they NEVER go without!
For God's provision, it is perfect
in That Ideal Place
for the followers of Jesus,
and given by His Grace!

Yes, everything is perfect there,
so, all time, we can spend
exalting Jesus, praising God
without having to end!
He is deserved of such, you know,
for doing everything
here for us, and just because
He's Lord and God and King!!
There is none other like Him, and never
will there ever be!
And very fortunate be all
that so belong to Three!

Oh, there is a Place desired so,
and busy is That Place!
It is a world away from this
most busy, harried race!!

"OH, COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!!  So that we can enjoy You and the fruits of our labors done in Your Name!"


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