Friday, July 21, 2023

That of Most Importance!

Rise and shine!  There is so much to take care of the in this busy world!  There is, however, one thing to take care of before you go any further!  It is certainly the most important thing to be done today...

Ignoring all, just for a time,
to be with Christ the Lord,
the One Whose great and perfect love,
but ANY can afford!
Setting everything aside
to be with Him alone.
Brand new inspiration comes
in His great Presence known!

There is enough inside the day
that's waiting just ahead,
to keep our energy and focus
very aptly fed!
However, the more I spend with Jesus
at the very start,
the more that 'interferences,'
surely, will depart!

Early in the morning with
the Maker of the day.
He loves us more than anything,
and, victory, comes our way!
These days, it is so necessary,
before ANYTHING;
and I know, when I make this time,
such blessings, He will bring!

Yes, morning--it is made for time
alone with Father God.
As we do, our efforts, He
will witness and applaud!
Stronger, greater, more 'in tune,'
becomes this very man,
when, the first thing that I do
is submit unto His Plan!

Whenever your 'morning' begins, be sure to include him in said beginning.  Of a truth, it will cause the day to not only go by better, but it has so many more benefits that ONLY GOD can provide!


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