Saturday, July 1, 2023

'That Familiar Place'

Back in town...FINALY!  While we were gone, we ran into the gamut of personalities!  When YOU leave town for any length of time, how do YOU treat folks elsewhere?

Finally, a 'familiar' place!
Familiar faces, too!
It's so refreshing to get out
and discover that anew.
But not ALWAYS are the folks you meet
so welcoming and kind.
Only in 'familiarity'
can such you always find?

But such, it should not be that way!
It should be ANYWHERE!
Any place you go, you should 
find empathy and care!
People treating folks in ways
that God, Himself, designed.
Each and every day, the same
should every person find!
For each and every place we go
it seems there are folks 'mean,'
uncaring for the way they treat 
but anyone they've seen!
And 'busier' they become each day
with meanness, malice and hate!
But more be they that serve The Lord,
His qualities relate!

So, savor that 'familiar' place
where 'good' can be enjoyed!
That place where friendship, empathy
and kindness are employed!
And enjoy it with Almighty God,
The One Who saves our souls;
The One that, every perfect gift,
retains but all controls!

'That familiar place.'  We all know where it's at, but why can't it be wherever we are?  Each and every one of us have to go places that are 'unfamiliar.'  And, in those places, are folks that we must deal with if we are to survive.  Remember this when you encounter someone you've never seen: they must go through the same things you do, and you are not any 'better' or 'higher' than they are!  And, in the end, we will ALL stand before the same God and give account for the way that we treat them.

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