Saturday, July 8, 2023

Thankful EACH Day!

Moving right along, getting things done when, out of the blue, the sky above turns nasty, and we have to run for cover!  Sound familiar?

A summer storm, so suddenly,
and violent to be!
Across the meadow is uprooted
a massive, cedar tree!
I pray that there is no one hurt
from sudden winds and rain,
as I have seen storms such as this
generate such pain!

Keeping eyes upon the skies
and, surely, saying prayers!
There is no storm to rise to catch
our Father unawares!
That which the storm may take, the Lord,
He surely will replace,
because He owns but everything
and He is full of grace!

Living in the Ozarks--it sure
has its benefits!
It also contains hazards that,
no other place, befits!
Oh, savor each day where you are,
with which God blesses YOU!
As there are MANY folks out there
who do not make it through!

Yes, be thankful for each day that you are alive, as there are hazards and dangers WHEREVER you call 'Home!'  NEVER take a day of life for granted, as there is an infinite amount of folks out there that no longer have that opportunity!


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