Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Summer Sounds

There are sounds and noises that we come to know, (as we grow up,) that are exclusive to certain seasons.  This morning, however, those 'seasonal sounds' are accompanied by wonderful essences carried in the breeze!

From here, up on the deck upon
the blue house on the hill,
the sounds of summer start the day
'midst scenery to thrill!
Already is the river rushing
oh, so, far below...
to the west, the ranchers, they
are busy with their mow.
The cattle, they are bawling at
the Maranatha Ranch...
and cardinals and blue jays are
resounding from each branch!
And, somewhere, to the south of us,
the 'harvesters' are going.
With the heat we're going through,
THAT grass is REALLY growing!

Yes, the sounds or summer, as
the first thing of the morn,
in the Presence of The Savior
in whom, again, we're born!
We listen to the singing birds,
we hear the life abounding...
in the days and times we're in,
there's nothing better sounding!
From here, up on the deck of the
blue house in the hills-
oh, what inspiration that
such wonder so instills!
For God, alone, creates it and
delivers it each day-
something different and anew,
and NEVER, the same way!

Summer sounds.  So refreshing!  And so relaxing in which to begin a brand, new day--a gift from God--always wrapped up differently and presented with love!  WE ARE SO BLESSED!

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