Monday, July 24, 2023


How much of our lives and time have we WASTED trying to please everyone?  NOBODY CAN!  Jesus tried and look at what they did to Him!!  AND HE WAS PERFECT!!  Please, folks, just be yourselves and you will find more joy than could have ever imagined!

How much of precious life is wasted
trying to 'please' someone?!
I've watched too many people try.
No matter how perfect you live life,
someone won't be happy!
They'll just remain the way they are:
irritable and snappy!
But that's on them!  You've done your best
and it works great for you!
Just stay happy, praising God,
and do the things you do!
Their happiness depends on THEIR heart
being right with HIM!
You just press on as you're led,
and your joy will not dim!

How many folks spend too much time
being who they're not?
I promise you that YOU are not
the problem they have got!
Said problem, it is greater, and
can be solved by God alone,
but they must turn to Him for such,
and, most, they are not prone!

YOU are not the problem, but
you CAN lead them to Christ,
the One Who, for problems such as this
for ALL was sacrificed!
New life, it is available!
A brand, new heart, as well.
The ONLY thing that we must do
is, Jesus' Great Love, tell!

No, I promise you, you are not the problem in the lives of them that are not happy or 'pleased!'  That takes the Blood of Jesus applied to their hearts as they become born-again!

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