Friday, July 7, 2023

ONE thing to accomplish today

A beautiful Ozark day that God created and gave to us as a gift.  We had ONE thing to do today!  However, it seems that all hell broke loose when we attempted to do so!  BUT WHY?!

Why is it such a challenge to
get a single document?
My wife spent hours on phones with banks,
and emotions spent!
No help from them, I make ONE MORE call
to a company.
I get the document in minutes-
no stress at all to be!

But why?  Oh why, such energy
be spent on 'simple' things?
Where the obvious SHOULD belong,
such 'complication,' brings?
The day and time that we are in
such seems to 'be the norm!'
Unto undue 'policies'
it seems we must conform!

Why is it that 'simplicity'
has somehow 'disappeared?'
And things that SHOULD be 'everyday'
have certainly been seared!!
That which could be accomplished with
a visit or a call,
it now takes an attorney, if
it will get done at all!!

"Come quickly, oh Lord Jesus, that
this 'complicated' life
will be replaced eternally
with You where there's no strife!
No more 'challenges' to be
there in that Perfect Place,
with You as Lord and Leader,
governing with perfect grace!"

No kidding!  She spent several hours on the phone today with financial institutions attempting to get a copy of the deed of the house my wife paid off for my 40th anniversary gift a few years back.  I was shocked at how many hoops we had to jump through to obtain it!  It was a ridiculous waste of her precious time!
Thank you, Debby Busby, for your tireless effort to take care of everything.  You deserve praise and a medal for taking care of everything that pertains to this household and for taking care of this man!
I certainly pray that YOUR day went better!


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