Saturday, July 22, 2023

Not God's Will!

In the days and times we live in, a lot goes on in a church that, sometimes, even the pastor is not aware of.  Worst case scenario: it is the pastor himself!  Therefore, the faithful try and find a church where they can focus on Jesus Christ and worship Him without any undue 'drama!'

Too many times one gets to church
obeying God's command,
just to say that they have gone
to so retain their 'stand!'
They do not like the music or
some people that are there,
and so they try a different church
across the town somewhere.
But that one has a pastor with
a sermon that 'convicts!'
So, they decide the congregation
has one too many 'cliques!'
After a while, they find themselves
not going to church at all,
outright ignoring Jesus and
the Holy Spirit's call!
Soon, even their Bibles start
to get a sheet of dust
because they haven't picked it up
and, with The Lord, discussed!

BUT GOD does not give up on them!
Continues He to give
invites into His Holy House
that they may greatly live!
He knows NO 'House of God' is 'perfect!'
There's not ONE!  That is clear!
They are filled with people that are flawed,
He found that when HE was here!
But some, they are filled with His Spirit!
It's THOSE that we must find!
And pour ourselves into the same
so we can be refined!
Avoiding church is NOT the answer,
as Christ is our Perfection!
Ask Him where YOU should fellowship
and He'll give you direction!

Too many folks I know have been hurt by the church or the ones therein.  Thus, they move from church to church trying to 'fit in.'  Do YOU know anyone like that?  Is it you?  Jesus Christ has a place waiting for you.  You'll know it when you find it.  Just NEVER stop trying.  Too many folks out there have done that already!


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