Monday, July 3, 2023

NEVER 'Just a job!'

For those of you who have a job and are able to do it without effort, NEVER take that for granted and realize how blessed you are!!  I have been unable to work for quite a while due to a head injury.  HOWEVER, the grace of God made it possible for me to return today!!  HALLELUJAH!

Finally, back to the 'familiar'
after way too long!
Doing that which brings unto
my heart and soul a song!
Never has the 'same old, same old...'
appeared so inviting!
Being able to work again,
oh, it's so exciting!!
And those with whom I labor, they
are so excited, too!
For they had given up all hope
of me remaining 'crew!'
I give all glory to my Father
for repairing me
and giving me a place to work
where 'appreciation' be!

Too many folks I know there are
who dread 'the daily grind!'
Any excuse to avoid the same
they will try to find!
But they've not ever been in a state
when they just COULD NOT work
due to health or injury
or even some little 'quirk!'

'My Father, thank You oh so much
for Your gift of healing!
I know Your love is oh so great,
so far beyond mere 'feeling!'
And thank You for a place to work
that is so understanding,
so merciful and welcoming
and so far from 'demanding!''

Yes, this man is VERY blessed to have a place of employment!  What a wonderful world it would be if EVERYBODY felt that way about their jobs!

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