Thursday, July 20, 2023

NEVER just 'business!'

Alone upon a private jet, heading into paradise to take care of a company's needs.  Savoring the Rocky Mountains as they are just below me.  LOOK!  As I approach my destination...

As I approach the landing strip
before the mountain base,
wild horses in full stride below,
as if they're giving chase!
It's always a majestic sight
to see them, far and wide!
A sight so very few could know
lest they nearby reside!

I have a client in Wyoming
that has got a need,
and so excited was this man,
their call for help, to heed!
As the Rocky Mountains never cease
to take my breath away!
And they are waiting at the airport
on this glorious day!

The strip is only miles away,
so I must call the tower,
and get my clearance for a landing,
as I'm cutting power.
As I do, I take in all
the glory that's in sight
created by my Father God
much to my delight!
For He has blessed me with this job
and this ability
that avails unto this man
so many sights to see!
I give Him all the glory and
the praise that comes from such,
as none of this is possible
without His mercy touch!

The grace and mercy of God Most High.  He not only enables this man to do what I do, He creates the incredible sights that surround me wherever I go!  HE IS SO GOOD TO US!


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