Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Morning by the Water

Early morning on the white river.  It is usually busy with fishing boats by now, but it is eerily empty on this day for some reason!  No problem.  God is here, and He and I converse as we watch the current go by... 

Relaxing by the river,
the current never stops!
The dam that's miles away says when
it rises and it drops.
I spend this masterpiece of time
with my precious Lord!
The majesty of the river-
what glorious reward!

I can't ignore the scarcity
of fishermen passing by!
We so enjoy the fish that jump,
or, along the banks that lie!
Or the sounding of a jet that passes
every now and then,
Otherwise, there be this 'silence'
so sought out by men!

Yes, sacred silence of the river.
However, God is near!
And we so appreciate
His mighty Presence here!
So relaxing is the fishing,
the praise and worship, too.
So necessary be the latter
for His servant to!

Yes, so necessary be this river
and its conservation!
I am so grateful that we came
and for His visitation!

Wherever you live, there is something or some place that was created by God Himself.  Make sure you visit that place often and savor the solemnity of it!  God's creation is ever-unique, and He made it for our enjoyment and amazement!

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