Monday, July 10, 2023

'Lord Jesus, we are Ready!'

Yes, we are ready for that Paradise called 'Heaven' that He has waiting for all of them that belong to Him!!

When 'being well' cannot be understood,
when aches and pain have us feeling 'no good,'
there's one thing I completely understand:
I call on God, He takes me in His hand!
He knows just what to do to make me whole!
He's full of love and ALWAYS in control,
he gives me Jesus--Him Who gave His Blood,
and Perfect Peace comes to me like a flood!

Yes, my God, He is so generous and caring!
Everything He has He's freely sharing!
Far greater than what any men provide;
my Perfect Father, He is on my side!
And, soon, I'm strong and healthy and restored!
I am so glad I chose Him as my Lord!
But, truth be told, my Father God chose me,
then He sent Jesus Christ to rescue me!

Everything inside, it hurt so much!
But, the Blood of Jesus and His touch
restores me so that I continue on
until all traces of THIS life are gone!
And we reside with Him in Paradise!
Oh tell me, friend of mine, won't it be nice
in the Paradise of the Lord forever
where not a thing at all will ever sever?

Oh, my friend, won't it be wonderful in that Perfect Place?!  No more sickness, no more setbacks, no more signs of this life at all, but living in the perfect bodies He has prepared for all of them that call Him 'SAVIOR!'


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