Tuesday, July 25, 2023


 LOOK!!  Can you see it!  THERE!  Just above that cloud!  ETERNITY!!  And we will spend it with Jesus around His forever throne!!  WON'T IT BE WONDERFUL THERE?!!?  "Oh, come quickly, Lord Jesus!!"

Victory is in my sight
with Jesus in my eyes!
With a smile, He motions for me
from beyond the skies!
He has a mansion waiting there-
so opulent a place!
Specifically designed for each one
taking of His grace!

Yes, I have a home in Glory Land!
'Just a house,' it's not!
It's made of the finest elements
that Heaven, it has got!
There, we shall spend eternity
with Jesus Christ, the Son,
and each and every soul that His blood,
His Salvation's, won!

Oh, but I want to be with God Himself,
Creator of it all!
The One Who has, for all my life,
has been my Wherewithal!
I want to see Him, face-to-face,
I want to walk the land...
I want to savor His embrace
and hold His very hand!!

Oh, yes, victory is in my sight,
just there beyond the blue!
I cannot wait to be with Him
as we press on anew!
Doing all He leads me to,
doing what's appointed...
savoring the benefits
that are for the anointed!

Oh, my friend, eternity closer than we can ever imagine!  Tell me, are YOU ready?  YOU CAN BE!  Just make sure that you have given your heart to Jesus and are born again by the Power in The Blood!  WON'T IT BE WONDERFUL THERE?!


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