Monday, July 24, 2023

Life Grows!

Yes, life grows!  In us and all around us, life is happening...even when we're not looking!  Even when are so wrapped up in ourselves to take note of it!  Make it a point, my friend, to NOTICE it today and give God thanks for it!

Walking through the garden now,
such miracles to see!
For God has caused so many forms
of life to thrive so free!
The bounty of the vegetation
I can share with all!
Especially with those who do not
have the wherewithal!

For HE causes such variety
to come out of the ground
in which beauty and nutrition
can be freely found!
The plants...the trees...the vegetables...
the fruits that come in season!
The generosity of God
provided by His reason!
We savor it!  We acknowledge it!
We take of it with joy!
So that, in return, thankfulness
and gratitude, we employ!

The God of all variety-
but yet again, HE GIVES!
Due His bounty and abundance
life, so greatly, lives!
And due His endless mercy, man
receives and barely strives
for the very fruit of earth, itself,
that, all around us, thrives!

Oh, the variety of living things that are everywhere around us!  All due to a loving and generous God!  We are so unworthy and yet so greatly blessed!

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