Friday, July 28, 2023

Jesus Went Through It Already!

There are so many forms of 'pain' in this life.  There are just as many of our friends or family going through at least one of them.  Are YOU willing to expend yourself and help them through it?  If so, just ask The Lord to reveal it to you.  In many cases, you don't even have to do THAT!  You can sense it, or it is right in front of your face!

"When pain cannot be felt or seen,
(you know exactly what I mean!)
When stress but only I can feel,
to GOD alone, do I appeal!
For there are issues in this life
that may bring only this man strife!
But JESUS, You've been through it all,
and fathom deeply this man's call!

You know exactly what to do
when these afflictions I go through!
Thus, You know exactly what to bring!
That's why, to You alone, I cling!
No matter what I feel or see,
in YOU is perfect victory!
And Lord, Your very perfect Blood,
it comes to me just like a flood!"

So, friend, whatever you go through,
The Savior knows just what to do
for you to conquer and arise
without loss or compromise!
So, seek HIM in the stress and strain,
as He can handle EVERY pain
afflicting us in daily life-
no need for us to bear the strife!

For Jesus came...He lived...He died...
Availing unto us the tools
to conquer this life's 'settled' rules!
Yes, Jesus--He's the Key to ALL
for us to skip the rise and fall
that 'earthly' life may cause each day.
He IS The Truth, The Life, The Way!!

So many are there around us that are going through that kind of pain that cannot be seen by others, and only felt by them.  BUT CHRIST KNOWS AND UNDERSTANDS!  That's why He is constantly calling and holding out His open arms!  His love knows no limit, and He is ALWAYS watching and listening for YOU!  Let NOTHING stop you from running into those open arms!

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