Tuesday, July 18, 2023

It CAN be much more simple!

You're going through your day.  Moving along, getting things accomplished.  Success!  Then...WHAM!  Someone throws a crowbar into the mix and screws up the whole thing!  So unnecessary.  And you realize that it is the enemy just screwing things up 'for the fun of it!'

Why must the 'simplest' of things
become a 'confrontation?'
Just to pay a simple bill
requires a 'situation!'
'But ma'am, I have the cash right here!'
'We don't take payments now.
You must wait until you get the bill,
and work it out somehow!'

"Lord Jesus, we cry out to You,
COME QUICKLY! as You vowed!
There is so much happening in life
You'd never have allowed!
People treating others in
a way that You would not,
not doing simple, basic things,
they fully know they ought!

What's happening to 'service?'
Have 'manners' disappeared?!
It seems the morals of so many
have been greatly seared!
No one seems to care, as long as
THEY get what THEY obtain!
Upon all of humanity
it's left a wretched stain!"

"O come back, customer service!
Return, please, empathy!
Your disappearance has put us in
the place that we now be!
If people would CARE, once again,
much more for one another,
GONE would be the apathy,
the hate and all the other!"

It IS possible.  It requires introspection, effort and time.  Three things that seems to be becoming higher in price and so much harder to find!  But it is NOT impossible!

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