Monday, July 31, 2023

His Glories are Rampant!!

God is so good to us!  He provides evidence of His touch for us to marvel at all throughout the day...IF we are to pay attention!  Don't miss a moment of it, my friend!  His generosity is beyond the words of a mere poet!

The glory and the majesty
We worship and exalt Him and
He causes us to thrive!!
WE give Him praise and honor and
He answers every prayer!
He does so out of His great mercy,
love and perfect care!

Jesus, Jesus, Son of God,
come to us as mere man!
The same, however, it is part
of God the Father's Plan!
He knew what would be done to Him.
He knew what HE would do.
Yet, He accomplished, He endured it
all for me and you!

The glory and the majesty
belong to Christ, alone!
Yet, the glories of THIS life,
to everyone, are known!
And those glories, each, they are created
by His mighty hand
to revel in and, His Presence,
come to understand!

The glory and the majesty.  Everywhere we turn, any time of day, He provides such for us to enjoy and be amazed at!  HE IS SO GOOD TO US!  Give Him glory, my friend!  For He, alone, is worthy of it all!


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