Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Family Vacation

Yes, family vacation.  It does not happen enough!  However, when it does, it is ALWAYS memorable!

The sun is hot against the trees
across the valley wide
as we prepare to leave this place
of awe, intensified!
So refreshing and relaxing
these few days have been-
a time to cling to 'til we all
can do it once again!

Vacation on the river's edge
in someone's massive home!
So generous are they to lend it
unto folks who roam!
It's just a few miles from our home,
and yet, a world away!
In this place shall we recoup 
from 'the every-day!'
And bond, once more, with kids and grandkids
whom we love so much,
but have careers that take them
far away from 'daily touch!'

God's blessed each so abundantly
in those towns from which they are!
But, thanks to the telephone,
they're never really 'far!'
And, right now, they're not far at all,
as we are in ONE place!
The fruits of, oh, those many years,
have we, face-to face!
And Jesus, too, would join us here
in this celebration
that we have come to know and love,
and call this time 'vacation!'

NEVER, ever take for granted ANY time you get to spend together with AND as 'family!  It is a priceless gift from the very hand of God for them that would set all work aside and take advantage of it!


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