Thursday, July 6, 2023

Evening Fishing

Watching the waters of the White River as they begin to rise.  Enjoying it with family this time.  Many miles up the river, the generators of the dam have just been turned on...

Sunset on the river White,
the waters on the rise.
So perfect be the evening
beneath the clearest skies!
The shadows, they are growing
because the trees are full;
there is so very, very much,
the vision, for to pull.

As the moments pass, I watch
the level rising more.
As it does, more rapidly
the current passes shore!
Then, suddenly, just above the water,
an eagle on the glide!
He comes to rest upon a limb 
upon the other side.
He perches there in majesty
such as I to amaze!
He interrupts our fishing, briefly
embezzling our gaze.
Then, in slow-motion, it would seem,
it's mate joins him there, too!
Furthermore embellishing
the spectacle in view!

Sunset on the river White-
there is so much to see!
And God, the Grand Creator, He
would share with such as we
with unfettered liberty
of His abundancy!
So fortunate and blessed, all that
belong to such as He!

Summertime with loved ones out on the river.  So beautiful!  So glorious!  And so generous to them that call Him "Father!"


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