Sunday, July 2, 2023

Early, early on Vacation

The last day of vacation.  I sit out here on the deck above the river with Jesus before anyone else is awake, and we enjoy the silence of the flow...the screech of bald occasional fishing boat passing by...and the shadows slowly disappearing.  Oh...the glory of His creation!  It makes me want to remind others of the benefits of 'belonging!'

Silence on the river-
the 'mystery' of fog!
The noises, oh, so many be,
and a single frog!
As we converse with Jesus Lord,
a fishing boat goes by;
gathering its trove before
the temps become too high!
And, from this place of glory,
refreshing and surreal,
I watch as morning comes to be-
another week be real!
That much closer to The Rapture
promised us some day
when them that know Christ in the heart,
we shall be called away
to That Paradise that He promised
so very long ago!
Tell me, friend, His saving grace,
in YOUR heart, do you know?

But just a hint of Paradise
are we enjoying now
with our loved ones, treasured ones,
upon the river's brow!
But YOU must ask Him into YOUR heart
so that YOUR soul will be
safe inside The Father's care
for all eternity!

It is so easy to do, yet so difficult for most!  Relinquishing your 'self' to His Lordship!  It is a very small step that will make the most impacting difference in your life--this life and the next one!  Let NOTHING hold you back!


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