Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Challenges of Life wonderful to be a child of The King!  Born-again in Jesus Christ!  It certainly has its advantages, and those "assurances" will continue long after THIS life is gone!

When life would challenge me with
situations that have been,
God is faithful to remind me
just Whose hands I'm in!
Though life and health may handle me
as if they do not care,
He reassures, with loving voice,
"My son, I am aware!"
And with His calm assurance comes
a peace that passes all!
Enabling this man to so
proceed with His Great Call!
Regardless of the situations
that, in life, arise,
THE Creator, He protects
from way beyond the skies!

Yes, God, He is aware of all
that's happening to ALL!
And He avails Himself so freely
unto ALL who call!
He is aware of every
situation that can be,
and His provision never fails
through all eternity!

God is fully aware of all things in all lives at all times.  Do things happen that we do not like?  Of course, they do!  But that is true for EVERY person!  He is no respecter of person, but He IS Protecter of His own!  Know Him in YOUR heart and know His protection for yourself!


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