Sunday, July 2, 2023

Beyond This HEAT!

If there is ONE thing that has plagued us in the days of late, it has been THE WEATHER!  It's Hot!!  Some of us are fortunate enough to have air-conditioning.  However, it wasn't until I was in my thirties that we had that!  And brother, WE NEEDED IT!
There is another necessity in this life, but He is available whenever you are ready...

Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
the Savior of my heart,
He does, but every perfect gift,
so liberally impart!
He loves us and protects each one
in every atmosphere!
Even when ungodly heat
would grip His loved ones here!

Yes, there is a very wretched heat
that has gripped this place!
The same would feel like each of us
has 'fallen out of grace!'
BUT NOT AT ALL!  For Jesus has
His Own secure in hand!
Even in environments
that we can't understand!!
And He says to every one of us
"Press on through hot and cold!
And make sure that your witness remains
resolute and bold!
For there is yet much to be done
before the Trumpet Sound!
For, at That Moment, PERFECT Life,
by His Own will be found!"

Yes, Heaven, oh that Perfect World,
we will be in at last!
And trials, tricks and challenges
will all be in the past!
We will walk Streets of Gold with Jesus,
Him Who saves the soul.
And live in Paradise forever
with HIM in control!

Oh...just the thought of Him fulfilling that promise puts a spring back into our step and gives us the 'umph' we need to press matter what the weather holds!


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