Sunday, July 16, 2023

After Work is done once again.  I go out beneath the big oak tree, stretch out and wonder just how wonderful it is going to be for all of His Own some day...

Savoring my time with Jesus
secluded and away.
Here is nothing to distract
like the busy day!
The week has had its challenges,
He took us through them all!
And, now, out here in His creation,
it's His Name that I call!

I've ministered to others, now
He ministers to me.
The challenges and storms came through,
and now, here are We!
Out in the back, a gentle breeze
and the evening sun.
The temp is right as I assure Him
He's the only One!

It's fascinating how our lives change
when 'the ordinary'
disappears and most 'habits'
must become 'contrary!'
That which we're accustomed to
is taken far away!
We must continue and adapt
to make it through the day!
ANYTHING that may arise
we must overcome,
and keep on keeping on in Christ
so victory be the sum!

The storms of this life shall continue
until The Trumpet Blast.
ONLY THEN, we'll be with Him
in Paradise, at last!
Only then will sheer perfection
be our way of life-
no more storms, no disasters,
no more grief or strife!

Press on with me, my friend!  Our God has promised that, beyond THIS life, there is a Paradise awaiting that no mere man can ever fathom!!  AND JESUS WILL REIGN OVER ALL!


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