Monday, July 31, 2023

His Glories are Rampant!!

God is so good to us!  He provides evidence of His touch for us to marvel at all throughout the day...IF we are to pay attention!  Don't miss a moment of it, my friend!  His generosity is beyond the words of a mere poet!

The glory and the majesty
We worship and exalt Him and
He causes us to thrive!!
WE give Him praise and honor and
He answers every prayer!
He does so out of His great mercy,
love and perfect care!

Jesus, Jesus, Son of God,
come to us as mere man!
The same, however, it is part
of God the Father's Plan!
He knew what would be done to Him.
He knew what HE would do.
Yet, He accomplished, He endured it
all for me and you!

The glory and the majesty
belong to Christ, alone!
Yet, the glories of THIS life,
to everyone, are known!
And those glories, each, they are created
by His mighty hand
to revel in and, His Presence,
come to understand!

The glory and the majesty.  Everywhere we turn, any time of day, He provides such for us to enjoy and be amazed at!  HE IS SO GOOD TO US!  Give Him glory, my friend!  For He, alone, is worthy of it all!


Sunday, July 30, 2023

That Wonderful Place!

There is a Place awaiting The Redeemed that is just a Trumpet's Call away from here!  For in That Place, ALL will be wonderful and perfect...just like His Word has promised!  It could happen at any moment!!  Will YOU be ready?

In that place we so desire
so much is happening!
Folks we cannot number, they
are worshiping The King!
His throne, it is located there
with angels 'round about,
and everyone residing there,
they NEVER go without!
For God's provision, it is perfect
in That Ideal Place
for the followers of Jesus,
and given by His Grace!

Yes, everything is perfect there,
so, all time, we can spend
exalting Jesus, praising God
without having to end!
He is deserved of such, you know,
for doing everything
here for us, and just because
He's Lord and God and King!!
There is none other like Him, and never
will there ever be!
And very fortunate be all
that so belong to Three!

Oh, there is a Place desired so,
and busy is That Place!
It is a world away from this
most busy, harried race!!

"OH, COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!!  So that we can enjoy You and the fruits of our labors done in Your Name!"


Saturday, July 29, 2023

That's My Jesus!!

I come into contact with a great deal of people each day.  A great 'variety' of people each day.  Each of them has a myriad of perspectives on Jesus...God...'religion' in general!  But what most are missing is the fact that Jesus is NOT a 'religion.' He is a personal relationship that is more valuable than anything in THIS life or anyone can imagine!

My Jesus is so wonderful,

so peaceful and so kind!
Every person on this earth
be always on His mind!
But those folks that are 'born-again'
are safe inside His heart!
NEVER shall He 'take a break,'
never to depart!

So wonderful my Jesus is!
He takes care of us so!
Everything about our lives
does He already know!
He knows what WAS, He knows what IS,
and He knows what WILL BE,
therefore, can we relax, because
of His stability!

Jesus, Jesus, wonderful!
And there is not another!
He's better than a friend, and He
is closer than a brother!
He listens when we speak to Him,
He answers every prayer!
I would not be alive today
if Jesus were not there!

My Jesus is so wonderful!
Do YOU know Him, my friend?
Ask Him to be Your Savior and
your life will never end!!
He'll love you and protect you unlike 
any other 'man!'
And He'll see you through eternity
like not another can!

Jesus.  My wonderful Jesus!  I can't begin to describe how wonderful life became when I bowed before Him and asked Him into my heart!!  Oh, the world around me was quite the same, but His Salvation gave me a fresh new outlook on it and enjoyment of it!  Try Him for yourself and see!  I DARE YOU!

Friday, July 28, 2023

Jesus Went Through It Already!

There are so many forms of 'pain' in this life.  There are just as many of our friends or family going through at least one of them.  Are YOU willing to expend yourself and help them through it?  If so, just ask The Lord to reveal it to you.  In many cases, you don't even have to do THAT!  You can sense it, or it is right in front of your face!

"When pain cannot be felt or seen,
(you know exactly what I mean!)
When stress but only I can feel,
to GOD alone, do I appeal!
For there are issues in this life
that may bring only this man strife!
But JESUS, You've been through it all,
and fathom deeply this man's call!

You know exactly what to do
when these afflictions I go through!
Thus, You know exactly what to bring!
That's why, to You alone, I cling!
No matter what I feel or see,
in YOU is perfect victory!
And Lord, Your very perfect Blood,
it comes to me just like a flood!"

So, friend, whatever you go through,
The Savior knows just what to do
for you to conquer and arise
without loss or compromise!
So, seek HIM in the stress and strain,
as He can handle EVERY pain
afflicting us in daily life-
no need for us to bear the strife!

For Jesus came...He lived...He died...
Availing unto us the tools
to conquer this life's 'settled' rules!
Yes, Jesus--He's the Key to ALL
for us to skip the rise and fall
that 'earthly' life may cause each day.
He IS The Truth, The Life, The Way!!

So many are there around us that are going through that kind of pain that cannot be seen by others, and only felt by them.  BUT CHRIST KNOWS AND UNDERSTANDS!  That's why He is constantly calling and holding out His open arms!  His love knows no limit, and He is ALWAYS watching and listening for YOU!  Let NOTHING stop you from running into those open arms!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2023


 LOOK!!  Can you see it!  THERE!  Just above that cloud!  ETERNITY!!  And we will spend it with Jesus around His forever throne!!  WON'T IT BE WONDERFUL THERE?!!?  "Oh, come quickly, Lord Jesus!!"

Victory is in my sight
with Jesus in my eyes!
With a smile, He motions for me
from beyond the skies!
He has a mansion waiting there-
so opulent a place!
Specifically designed for each one
taking of His grace!

Yes, I have a home in Glory Land!
'Just a house,' it's not!
It's made of the finest elements
that Heaven, it has got!
There, we shall spend eternity
with Jesus Christ, the Son,
and each and every soul that His blood,
His Salvation's, won!

Oh, but I want to be with God Himself,
Creator of it all!
The One Who has, for all my life,
has been my Wherewithal!
I want to see Him, face-to-face,
I want to walk the land...
I want to savor His embrace
and hold His very hand!!

Oh, yes, victory is in my sight,
just there beyond the blue!
I cannot wait to be with Him
as we press on anew!
Doing all He leads me to,
doing what's appointed...
savoring the benefits
that are for the anointed!

Oh, my friend, eternity closer than we can ever imagine!  Tell me, are YOU ready?  YOU CAN BE!  Just make sure that you have given your heart to Jesus and are born again by the Power in The Blood!  WON'T IT BE WONDERFUL THERE?!


Monday, July 24, 2023


How much of our lives and time have we WASTED trying to please everyone?  NOBODY CAN!  Jesus tried and look at what they did to Him!!  AND HE WAS PERFECT!!  Please, folks, just be yourselves and you will find more joy than could have ever imagined!

How much of precious life is wasted
trying to 'please' someone?!
I've watched too many people try.
No matter how perfect you live life,
someone won't be happy!
They'll just remain the way they are:
irritable and snappy!
But that's on them!  You've done your best
and it works great for you!
Just stay happy, praising God,
and do the things you do!
Their happiness depends on THEIR heart
being right with HIM!
You just press on as you're led,
and your joy will not dim!

How many folks spend too much time
being who they're not?
I promise you that YOU are not
the problem they have got!
Said problem, it is greater, and
can be solved by God alone,
but they must turn to Him for such,
and, most, they are not prone!

YOU are not the problem, but
you CAN lead them to Christ,
the One Who, for problems such as this
for ALL was sacrificed!
New life, it is available!
A brand, new heart, as well.
The ONLY thing that we must do
is, Jesus' Great Love, tell!

No, I promise you, you are not the problem in the lives of them that are not happy or 'pleased!'  That takes the Blood of Jesus applied to their hearts as they become born-again!

Life Grows!

Yes, life grows!  In us and all around us, life is happening...even when we're not looking!  Even when are so wrapped up in ourselves to take note of it!  Make it a point, my friend, to NOTICE it today and give God thanks for it!

Walking through the garden now,
such miracles to see!
For God has caused so many forms
of life to thrive so free!
The bounty of the vegetation
I can share with all!
Especially with those who do not
have the wherewithal!

For HE causes such variety
to come out of the ground
in which beauty and nutrition
can be freely found!
The plants...the trees...the vegetables...
the fruits that come in season!
The generosity of God
provided by His reason!
We savor it!  We acknowledge it!
We take of it with joy!
So that, in return, thankfulness
and gratitude, we employ!

The God of all variety-
but yet again, HE GIVES!
Due His bounty and abundance
life, so greatly, lives!
And due His endless mercy, man
receives and barely strives
for the very fruit of earth, itself,
that, all around us, thrives!

Oh, the variety of living things that are everywhere around us!  All due to a loving and generous God!  We are so unworthy and yet so greatly blessed!

Sunday, July 23, 2023


It is surprising how dependent we become on 'luxuries!'  One of those 'luxuries' has been taken from us and no one has an answer on when it shall return!  Some panic.  Some get quite angry!  Some just take it in stride.  How do YOU react?

What did we do before the
internet, it came to be?
It's been down now for 24 hours,
but we have DVDs!
I cannot get online and post
the words God's given me...
I can't even watch the news and get
abreast of that which be!

What DID we do before the
internet 'took over' life?
We certainly enjoyed less stress!
We savored much less strife!
We actually made 'phone calls' to
check in on one another!
And families, they spent more time
caring for each other!

The internet has truly been
a gift for one and all.
But have we become 'addicted'
to its wherewithal?
Over a day without it due
to 'outages' somewhere
due to violent thunderstorms
that happen here and there!
So, checking email, checking news
is put away for now.
Rather, spending time with family
and her to whom I vow!
'Things' far more important than
just spending time on ME!
God KNEW, in His great wisdom that,
this time, it had to be!
Playing games and watching movies
suits THIS clan of mine!
It's probably just a 'glitch' that,
in due time, will be just fine!

'You never know how much you miss something until it is taken away somehow.'  We are surely learning the truth of that!  However, we are also finding ways to enjoy precious time with one another and have fun!  Hmm...


Saturday, July 22, 2023

Not God's Will!

In the days and times we live in, a lot goes on in a church that, sometimes, even the pastor is not aware of.  Worst case scenario: it is the pastor himself!  Therefore, the faithful try and find a church where they can focus on Jesus Christ and worship Him without any undue 'drama!'

Too many times one gets to church
obeying God's command,
just to say that they have gone
to so retain their 'stand!'
They do not like the music or
some people that are there,
and so they try a different church
across the town somewhere.
But that one has a pastor with
a sermon that 'convicts!'
So, they decide the congregation
has one too many 'cliques!'
After a while, they find themselves
not going to church at all,
outright ignoring Jesus and
the Holy Spirit's call!
Soon, even their Bibles start
to get a sheet of dust
because they haven't picked it up
and, with The Lord, discussed!

BUT GOD does not give up on them!
Continues He to give
invites into His Holy House
that they may greatly live!
He knows NO 'House of God' is 'perfect!'
There's not ONE!  That is clear!
They are filled with people that are flawed,
He found that when HE was here!
But some, they are filled with His Spirit!
It's THOSE that we must find!
And pour ourselves into the same
so we can be refined!
Avoiding church is NOT the answer,
as Christ is our Perfection!
Ask Him where YOU should fellowship
and He'll give you direction!

Too many folks I know have been hurt by the church or the ones therein.  Thus, they move from church to church trying to 'fit in.'  Do YOU know anyone like that?  Is it you?  Jesus Christ has a place waiting for you.  You'll know it when you find it.  Just NEVER stop trying.  Too many folks out there have done that already!


Friday, July 21, 2023

That of Most Importance!

Rise and shine!  There is so much to take care of the in this busy world!  There is, however, one thing to take care of before you go any further!  It is certainly the most important thing to be done today...

Ignoring all, just for a time,
to be with Christ the Lord,
the One Whose great and perfect love,
but ANY can afford!
Setting everything aside
to be with Him alone.
Brand new inspiration comes
in His great Presence known!

There is enough inside the day
that's waiting just ahead,
to keep our energy and focus
very aptly fed!
However, the more I spend with Jesus
at the very start,
the more that 'interferences,'
surely, will depart!

Early in the morning with
the Maker of the day.
He loves us more than anything,
and, victory, comes our way!
These days, it is so necessary,
before ANYTHING;
and I know, when I make this time,
such blessings, He will bring!

Yes, morning--it is made for time
alone with Father God.
As we do, our efforts, He
will witness and applaud!
Stronger, greater, more 'in tune,'
becomes this very man,
when, the first thing that I do
is submit unto His Plan!

Whenever your 'morning' begins, be sure to include him in said beginning.  Of a truth, it will cause the day to not only go by better, but it has so many more benefits that ONLY GOD can provide!


Thursday, July 20, 2023

NEVER just 'business!'

Alone upon a private jet, heading into paradise to take care of a company's needs.  Savoring the Rocky Mountains as they are just below me.  LOOK!  As I approach my destination...

As I approach the landing strip
before the mountain base,
wild horses in full stride below,
as if they're giving chase!
It's always a majestic sight
to see them, far and wide!
A sight so very few could know
lest they nearby reside!

I have a client in Wyoming
that has got a need,
and so excited was this man,
their call for help, to heed!
As the Rocky Mountains never cease
to take my breath away!
And they are waiting at the airport
on this glorious day!

The strip is only miles away,
so I must call the tower,
and get my clearance for a landing,
as I'm cutting power.
As I do, I take in all
the glory that's in sight
created by my Father God
much to my delight!
For He has blessed me with this job
and this ability
that avails unto this man
so many sights to see!
I give Him all the glory and
the praise that comes from such,
as none of this is possible
without His mercy touch!

The grace and mercy of God Most High.  He not only enables this man to do what I do, He creates the incredible sights that surround me wherever I go!  HE IS SO GOOD TO US!


Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Challenges of Life wonderful to be a child of The King!  Born-again in Jesus Christ!  It certainly has its advantages, and those "assurances" will continue long after THIS life is gone!

When life would challenge me with
situations that have been,
God is faithful to remind me
just Whose hands I'm in!
Though life and health may handle me
as if they do not care,
He reassures, with loving voice,
"My son, I am aware!"
And with His calm assurance comes
a peace that passes all!
Enabling this man to so
proceed with His Great Call!
Regardless of the situations
that, in life, arise,
THE Creator, He protects
from way beyond the skies!

Yes, God, He is aware of all
that's happening to ALL!
And He avails Himself so freely
unto ALL who call!
He is aware of every
situation that can be,
and His provision never fails
through all eternity!

God is fully aware of all things in all lives at all times.  Do things happen that we do not like?  Of course, they do!  But that is true for EVERY person!  He is no respecter of person, but He IS Protecter of His own!  Know Him in YOUR heart and know His protection for yourself!


Tuesday, July 18, 2023

It CAN be much more simple!

You're going through your day.  Moving along, getting things accomplished.  Success!  Then...WHAM!  Someone throws a crowbar into the mix and screws up the whole thing!  So unnecessary.  And you realize that it is the enemy just screwing things up 'for the fun of it!'

Why must the 'simplest' of things
become a 'confrontation?'
Just to pay a simple bill
requires a 'situation!'
'But ma'am, I have the cash right here!'
'We don't take payments now.
You must wait until you get the bill,
and work it out somehow!'

"Lord Jesus, we cry out to You,
COME QUICKLY! as You vowed!
There is so much happening in life
You'd never have allowed!
People treating others in
a way that You would not,
not doing simple, basic things,
they fully know they ought!

What's happening to 'service?'
Have 'manners' disappeared?!
It seems the morals of so many
have been greatly seared!
No one seems to care, as long as
THEY get what THEY obtain!
Upon all of humanity
it's left a wretched stain!"

"O come back, customer service!
Return, please, empathy!
Your disappearance has put us in
the place that we now be!
If people would CARE, once again,
much more for one another,
GONE would be the apathy,
the hate and all the other!"

It IS possible.  It requires introspection, effort and time.  Three things that seems to be becoming higher in price and so much harder to find!  But it is NOT impossible!

Monday, July 17, 2023

When 'words' seem worthless!

Sometimes, it seems fruitless to remind others "not to worry because God is in control."  How do you convey that to the believer that just watched his home get washed away in a flood?  Or the one who just watched his entire possessions get strung out over the land in a tornado or hurricane?  Having been through both, I pray that these 'mere words' from a poet sitting at a desk in a thunderstorm bring some solace!

Once again, nature comes,

its furies roar and flash!
Most times, it is glorious!
This time, though, wrath to lash!
So many still recovering
from storms of just last week!!
Tonight, again, the damages
are freely so to wreak!

'Oh Lord, we pray for everyone
that is in nature's path.
For sure, it is majestic, but
it packs a painful wrath!
Your protection and Your mercy
do we call upon,
that, damages and disaster,
surely be soon gone!
And them that are recovering,
and wondering what's next,
oh Lord My God, show them Your grace,
repairing all the wrecks!
We KNOW You have the resources,
as You own everything!
Please give them all a reason to
cry out Your Name and sing!

Another stormy night upon us,
but YOU are in control!
oh, PLEASE keep everybody safe
and every person whole!'

I used to marvel that such 'disasters' only struck the Ozarks.  NOT ANYMORE!  There are terrible things happening weather-wise in almost every corner of this country...AND AROUND THE WORLD!!  All we can do is try to continue to press on and cry out "Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

Sunday, July 16, 2023

After Work is done once again.  I go out beneath the big oak tree, stretch out and wonder just how wonderful it is going to be for all of His Own some day...

Savoring my time with Jesus
secluded and away.
Here is nothing to distract
like the busy day!
The week has had its challenges,
He took us through them all!
And, now, out here in His creation,
it's His Name that I call!

I've ministered to others, now
He ministers to me.
The challenges and storms came through,
and now, here are We!
Out in the back, a gentle breeze
and the evening sun.
The temp is right as I assure Him
He's the only One!

It's fascinating how our lives change
when 'the ordinary'
disappears and most 'habits'
must become 'contrary!'
That which we're accustomed to
is taken far away!
We must continue and adapt
to make it through the day!
ANYTHING that may arise
we must overcome,
and keep on keeping on in Christ
so victory be the sum!

The storms of this life shall continue
until The Trumpet Blast.
ONLY THEN, we'll be with Him
in Paradise, at last!
Only then will sheer perfection
be our way of life-
no more storms, no disasters,
no more grief or strife!

Press on with me, my friend!  Our God has promised that, beyond THIS life, there is a Paradise awaiting that no mere man can ever fathom!!  AND JESUS WILL REIGN OVER ALL!


Saturday, July 15, 2023

Things to Ponder

Savoring the beauty of the day that God has created.  He gives us each day as a gift, you know?  That's why it is called 'the Present.'  Just how often do we think about that?  Hmm...

The sun of afternoon is full
after a stormy night!
The heat of summer, finally,
we find a great delight!
Some conveniences we take for granted
we have been without.
For three days here, the internet,
in areas, is out!

It is amazing how dependent
we become on 'things,'
a sense of 'loss,' to many, oh,
assuredly, it brings!
Anger and resentment set in,
for certain, it would seem.
Are we now 'unappreciative' of
'The American Deam?'
Right now, still, there are folks close to us
without electricity!
All because 'the elements'
they have their way so free!
Therefore, we compromise and adapt,
so we continue on,
and pray for them gone through the worst,
that God may spur them on!

"'Comfort and convenience' have
become a 'way of life;
thus, we become so, when
encountering any 'strife!'
O God, forgive us and please make us
to depend on YOU,
instead of the 'devices' we've
become accustomed to!"

Yes, we have become comfortable.  TOO COMFORTABLE?  We thank God daily for life's 'conveniences.'  BUT, have we become 'complacent' about the beauties and wonders of this life?  Think about it.


Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Morning by the Water

Early morning on the white river.  It is usually busy with fishing boats by now, but it is eerily empty on this day for some reason!  No problem.  God is here, and He and I converse as we watch the current go by... 

Relaxing by the river,
the current never stops!
The dam that's miles away says when
it rises and it drops.
I spend this masterpiece of time
with my precious Lord!
The majesty of the river-
what glorious reward!

I can't ignore the scarcity
of fishermen passing by!
We so enjoy the fish that jump,
or, along the banks that lie!
Or the sounding of a jet that passes
every now and then,
Otherwise, there be this 'silence'
so sought out by men!

Yes, sacred silence of the river.
However, God is near!
And we so appreciate
His mighty Presence here!
So relaxing is the fishing,
the praise and worship, too.
So necessary be the latter
for His servant to!

Yes, so necessary be this river
and its conservation!
I am so grateful that we came
and for His visitation!

Wherever you live, there is something or some place that was created by God Himself.  Make sure you visit that place often and savor the solemnity of it!  God's creation is ever-unique, and He made it for our enjoyment and amazement!

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Family Vacation

Yes, family vacation.  It does not happen enough!  However, when it does, it is ALWAYS memorable!

The sun is hot against the trees
across the valley wide
as we prepare to leave this place
of awe, intensified!
So refreshing and relaxing
these few days have been-
a time to cling to 'til we all
can do it once again!

Vacation on the river's edge
in someone's massive home!
So generous are they to lend it
unto folks who roam!
It's just a few miles from our home,
and yet, a world away!
In this place shall we recoup 
from 'the every-day!'
And bond, once more, with kids and grandkids
whom we love so much,
but have careers that take them
far away from 'daily touch!'

God's blessed each so abundantly
in those towns from which they are!
But, thanks to the telephone,
they're never really 'far!'
And, right now, they're not far at all,
as we are in ONE place!
The fruits of, oh, those many years,
have we, face-to face!
And Jesus, too, would join us here
in this celebration
that we have come to know and love,
and call this time 'vacation!'

NEVER, ever take for granted ANY time you get to spend together with AND as 'family!  It is a priceless gift from the very hand of God for them that would set all work aside and take advantage of it!


Monday, July 10, 2023

'Lord Jesus, we are Ready!'

Yes, we are ready for that Paradise called 'Heaven' that He has waiting for all of them that belong to Him!!

When 'being well' cannot be understood,
when aches and pain have us feeling 'no good,'
there's one thing I completely understand:
I call on God, He takes me in His hand!
He knows just what to do to make me whole!
He's full of love and ALWAYS in control,
he gives me Jesus--Him Who gave His Blood,
and Perfect Peace comes to me like a flood!

Yes, my God, He is so generous and caring!
Everything He has He's freely sharing!
Far greater than what any men provide;
my Perfect Father, He is on my side!
And, soon, I'm strong and healthy and restored!
I am so glad I chose Him as my Lord!
But, truth be told, my Father God chose me,
then He sent Jesus Christ to rescue me!

Everything inside, it hurt so much!
But, the Blood of Jesus and His touch
restores me so that I continue on
until all traces of THIS life are gone!
And we reside with Him in Paradise!
Oh tell me, friend of mine, won't it be nice
in the Paradise of the Lord forever
where not a thing at all will ever sever?

Oh, my friend, won't it be wonderful in that Perfect Place?!  No more sickness, no more setbacks, no more signs of this life at all, but living in the perfect bodies He has prepared for all of them that call Him 'SAVIOR!'


Saturday, July 8, 2023

Thankful EACH Day!

Moving right along, getting things done when, out of the blue, the sky above turns nasty, and we have to run for cover!  Sound familiar?

A summer storm, so suddenly,
and violent to be!
Across the meadow is uprooted
a massive, cedar tree!
I pray that there is no one hurt
from sudden winds and rain,
as I have seen storms such as this
generate such pain!

Keeping eyes upon the skies
and, surely, saying prayers!
There is no storm to rise to catch
our Father unawares!
That which the storm may take, the Lord,
He surely will replace,
because He owns but everything
and He is full of grace!

Living in the Ozarks--it sure
has its benefits!
It also contains hazards that,
no other place, befits!
Oh, savor each day where you are,
with which God blesses YOU!
As there are MANY folks out there
who do not make it through!

Yes, be thankful for each day that you are alive, as there are hazards and dangers WHEREVER you call 'Home!'  NEVER take a day of life for granted, as there is an infinite amount of folks out there that no longer have that opportunity!


Friday, July 7, 2023

ONE thing to accomplish today

A beautiful Ozark day that God created and gave to us as a gift.  We had ONE thing to do today!  However, it seems that all hell broke loose when we attempted to do so!  BUT WHY?!

Why is it such a challenge to
get a single document?
My wife spent hours on phones with banks,
and emotions spent!
No help from them, I make ONE MORE call
to a company.
I get the document in minutes-
no stress at all to be!

But why?  Oh why, such energy
be spent on 'simple' things?
Where the obvious SHOULD belong,
such 'complication,' brings?
The day and time that we are in
such seems to 'be the norm!'
Unto undue 'policies'
it seems we must conform!

Why is it that 'simplicity'
has somehow 'disappeared?'
And things that SHOULD be 'everyday'
have certainly been seared!!
That which could be accomplished with
a visit or a call,
it now takes an attorney, if
it will get done at all!!

"Come quickly, oh Lord Jesus, that
this 'complicated' life
will be replaced eternally
with You where there's no strife!
No more 'challenges' to be
there in that Perfect Place,
with You as Lord and Leader,
governing with perfect grace!"

No kidding!  She spent several hours on the phone today with financial institutions attempting to get a copy of the deed of the house my wife paid off for my 40th anniversary gift a few years back.  I was shocked at how many hoops we had to jump through to obtain it!  It was a ridiculous waste of her precious time!
Thank you, Debby Busby, for your tireless effort to take care of everything.  You deserve praise and a medal for taking care of everything that pertains to this household and for taking care of this man!
I certainly pray that YOUR day went better!


Thursday, July 6, 2023

Evening Fishing

Watching the waters of the White River as they begin to rise.  Enjoying it with family this time.  Many miles up the river, the generators of the dam have just been turned on...

Sunset on the river White,
the waters on the rise.
So perfect be the evening
beneath the clearest skies!
The shadows, they are growing
because the trees are full;
there is so very, very much,
the vision, for to pull.

As the moments pass, I watch
the level rising more.
As it does, more rapidly
the current passes shore!
Then, suddenly, just above the water,
an eagle on the glide!
He comes to rest upon a limb 
upon the other side.
He perches there in majesty
such as I to amaze!
He interrupts our fishing, briefly
embezzling our gaze.
Then, in slow-motion, it would seem,
it's mate joins him there, too!
Furthermore embellishing
the spectacle in view!

Sunset on the river White-
there is so much to see!
And God, the Grand Creator, He
would share with such as we
with unfettered liberty
of His abundancy!
So fortunate and blessed, all that
belong to such as He!

Summertime with loved ones out on the river.  So beautiful!  So glorious!  And so generous to them that call Him "Father!"


Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Summer Sounds

There are sounds and noises that we come to know, (as we grow up,) that are exclusive to certain seasons.  This morning, however, those 'seasonal sounds' are accompanied by wonderful essences carried in the breeze!

From here, up on the deck upon
the blue house on the hill,
the sounds of summer start the day
'midst scenery to thrill!
Already is the river rushing
oh, so, far below...
to the west, the ranchers, they
are busy with their mow.
The cattle, they are bawling at
the Maranatha Ranch...
and cardinals and blue jays are
resounding from each branch!
And, somewhere, to the south of us,
the 'harvesters' are going.
With the heat we're going through,
THAT grass is REALLY growing!

Yes, the sounds or summer, as
the first thing of the morn,
in the Presence of The Savior
in whom, again, we're born!
We listen to the singing birds,
we hear the life abounding...
in the days and times we're in,
there's nothing better sounding!
From here, up on the deck of the
blue house in the hills-
oh, what inspiration that
such wonder so instills!
For God, alone, creates it and
delivers it each day-
something different and anew,
and NEVER, the same way!

Summer sounds.  So refreshing!  And so relaxing in which to begin a brand, new day--a gift from God--always wrapped up differently and presented with love!  WE ARE SO BLESSED!

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

This Great Country!

AMERICA.  Land of the Free.  Home of the Brave.  WE ARE SO BLESSED TO RESIDE HERE!  There is no shame in taking pride in your country, while retaining a world-view on that which God has called us to do!

Oh beautiful, ye awesome land
in which we live and thrive!
I'm glad that IN AMERICA
I find myself alive!
Here, we have opportunities
availed no other place!
The same, it is made possible
due God's amazing grace!
We go and do things every day
most only dream about!
but proudly I will shout!
All while praying for those folks
but all about this globe
who cannot even fathom 'freedom,'
it's benefits to probe!

So, we celebrate with fireworks,
with picnics and with praise!
And, when we gather, it's the Name
of JESUS that we raise!
For in His mercy, He saw fit
to bless us with a life
in a country with abundant good,
and very little strife!

So, join me, everybody, in
giving praise to God Most High
with freedoms none deny!
Yes, praise Him each and every day!
AND give thanks for them that be
in uniform and keeping watch,

protecting LIBERTY!

I know this word reaches far beyond the borders of this wonderful country, but know that if you are in a place where these words seem 'foreign,' you are in our prayers.  And, IF you belong to Jesus, one day very soon we shall all be in a more wonderful place than even this one!  For in That Place, ALL will know LIBERTY!!

Monday, July 3, 2023

NEVER 'Just a job!'

For those of you who have a job and are able to do it without effort, NEVER take that for granted and realize how blessed you are!!  I have been unable to work for quite a while due to a head injury.  HOWEVER, the grace of God made it possible for me to return today!!  HALLELUJAH!

Finally, back to the 'familiar'
after way too long!
Doing that which brings unto
my heart and soul a song!
Never has the 'same old, same old...'
appeared so inviting!
Being able to work again,
oh, it's so exciting!!
And those with whom I labor, they
are so excited, too!
For they had given up all hope
of me remaining 'crew!'
I give all glory to my Father
for repairing me
and giving me a place to work
where 'appreciation' be!

Too many folks I know there are
who dread 'the daily grind!'
Any excuse to avoid the same
they will try to find!
But they've not ever been in a state
when they just COULD NOT work
due to health or injury
or even some little 'quirk!'

'My Father, thank You oh so much
for Your gift of healing!
I know Your love is oh so great,
so far beyond mere 'feeling!'
And thank You for a place to work
that is so understanding,
so merciful and welcoming
and so far from 'demanding!''

Yes, this man is VERY blessed to have a place of employment!  What a wonderful world it would be if EVERYBODY felt that way about their jobs!

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Early, early on Vacation

The last day of vacation.  I sit out here on the deck above the river with Jesus before anyone else is awake, and we enjoy the silence of the flow...the screech of bald occasional fishing boat passing by...and the shadows slowly disappearing.  Oh...the glory of His creation!  It makes me want to remind others of the benefits of 'belonging!'

Silence on the river-
the 'mystery' of fog!
The noises, oh, so many be,
and a single frog!
As we converse with Jesus Lord,
a fishing boat goes by;
gathering its trove before
the temps become too high!
And, from this place of glory,
refreshing and surreal,
I watch as morning comes to be-
another week be real!
That much closer to The Rapture
promised us some day
when them that know Christ in the heart,
we shall be called away
to That Paradise that He promised
so very long ago!
Tell me, friend, His saving grace,
in YOUR heart, do you know?

But just a hint of Paradise
are we enjoying now
with our loved ones, treasured ones,
upon the river's brow!
But YOU must ask Him into YOUR heart
so that YOUR soul will be
safe inside The Father's care
for all eternity!

It is so easy to do, yet so difficult for most!  Relinquishing your 'self' to His Lordship!  It is a very small step that will make the most impacting difference in your life--this life and the next one!  Let NOTHING hold you back!


Beyond This HEAT!

If there is ONE thing that has plagued us in the days of late, it has been THE WEATHER!  It's Hot!!  Some of us are fortunate enough to have air-conditioning.  However, it wasn't until I was in my thirties that we had that!  And brother, WE NEEDED IT!
There is another necessity in this life, but He is available whenever you are ready...

Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
the Savior of my heart,
He does, but every perfect gift,
so liberally impart!
He loves us and protects each one
in every atmosphere!
Even when ungodly heat
would grip His loved ones here!

Yes, there is a very wretched heat
that has gripped this place!
The same would feel like each of us
has 'fallen out of grace!'
BUT NOT AT ALL!  For Jesus has
His Own secure in hand!
Even in environments
that we can't understand!!
And He says to every one of us
"Press on through hot and cold!
And make sure that your witness remains
resolute and bold!
For there is yet much to be done
before the Trumpet Sound!
For, at That Moment, PERFECT Life,
by His Own will be found!"

Yes, Heaven, oh that Perfect World,
we will be in at last!
And trials, tricks and challenges
will all be in the past!
We will walk Streets of Gold with Jesus,
Him Who saves the soul.
And live in Paradise forever
with HIM in control!

Oh...just the thought of Him fulfilling that promise puts a spring back into our step and gives us the 'umph' we need to press matter what the weather holds!


Saturday, July 1, 2023

'That Familiar Place'

Back in town...FINALY!  While we were gone, we ran into the gamut of personalities!  When YOU leave town for any length of time, how do YOU treat folks elsewhere?

Finally, a 'familiar' place!
Familiar faces, too!
It's so refreshing to get out
and discover that anew.
But not ALWAYS are the folks you meet
so welcoming and kind.
Only in 'familiarity'
can such you always find?

But such, it should not be that way!
It should be ANYWHERE!
Any place you go, you should 
find empathy and care!
People treating folks in ways
that God, Himself, designed.
Each and every day, the same
should every person find!
For each and every place we go
it seems there are folks 'mean,'
uncaring for the way they treat 
but anyone they've seen!
And 'busier' they become each day
with meanness, malice and hate!
But more be they that serve The Lord,
His qualities relate!

So, savor that 'familiar' place
where 'good' can be enjoyed!
That place where friendship, empathy
and kindness are employed!
And enjoy it with Almighty God,
The One Who saves our souls;
The One that, every perfect gift,
retains but all controls!

'That familiar place.'  We all know where it's at, but why can't it be wherever we are?  Each and every one of us have to go places that are 'unfamiliar.'  And, in those places, are folks that we must deal with if we are to survive.  Remember this when you encounter someone you've never seen: they must go through the same things you do, and you are not any 'better' or 'higher' than they are!  And, in the end, we will ALL stand before the same God and give account for the way that we treat them.