Thursday, June 8, 2023

Thoughts. Good and Bad.

Have you ever been going about your day, and something crosses your mind and you say 'WHOA!!  WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!'  All of us have had that happen.  Good or bad.  Trouble is, in this day and age, more and more folks are acting upon those fleeting 'bad' thoughts that happen!  IT does NOT have to be that way!!

Every thought within, they seem
to come out of the blue!
Oft times, we catch ourselves and say
"What has THAT got to do?!"
The thoughts, they are but constant as
we go about our day.
ACTING upon them, however,
is THEIR 'defining' way!
Make sure those 'definitions' serve
to glorify God's Name!
Like it or not, your actions--they
result in God's 'praise' or 'blame!'
Some folks, they are so vain that they
attribute ALL to God.
Even the acts of those whose thinking
is so very flawed!

The Word of God says NOT to judge ALL
with the same critique.
For He has made us, one and all,
to each be quite unique!
If but our vision of each other
so reflected such,
this world would be a much better place,
though 'opinions' yet vary much!
See each other as the 'individual'
that God created us to be.
And an oh so much better world
we would look around and see!

God did not create a 'race' of 'robots!'  God created man in His Own image, and one has yet to imagine just how wonderful God is!
Be the 'you' that God created YOU to be!  You are necessary in this ever-changing world to be WHO you are, not to merely 'blend in' and be invisible!!

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