Wednesday, June 7, 2023

This Day and Age

Everywhere we turn these days, it seems like we are offending SONEONE!  When in all reality, we should be seeking to please God and satisfy Him alone!  After all, He is THE ONE Who secured life for us in the first place!!

There are 'people' I just cannot understand.

Does that mean that THEY forever should be banned?!
If SOME people had THEIR way, then such would be!
But what would God have to say unto such as we?
Are we not to love each other and reach out?
To minister, and see that we are not without?
Imagine a world that's filled with only folks like we-

There are people out there of whom I don't 'approve.'
Should I not then just sell everything and move?!
But, if that be the answer, where would I go?
For there is NO 'perfect place' on earth we know!
Therefore, I must learn to 'get along' and adapt!
Lest I live a lifetime that would feel so 'entrapped!'
God said, a perfect place here, there is not!
And imperfect people are all that we have got!

Therefore, my brother and my sister, GET ALONG!
For each be words, stanzas or verses to a song.
And if but ONE single voice is eliminated,
the entire symphony could be decimated!
The enemy, for he desires such to see,
but it will not be as long as 'we' are 'we!'
WE have gotten THIS FAR without doing such,
and that is only because of Jesus and His touch!

Times are tough.  Some of us are causing that: making it tougher on those who don't believe exactly the way we do or do not do things in the exact manner that we do them!  Hey, as long as we arrive at the same result!  His response will be the same to every person: "Well done, my good and faithful servant!"  Or "Go Away.  I never knew you!"

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