Monday, June 5, 2023

The Eternal Answer!

The longer we live, it seems the busier this old world becomes!  It doesn't have to be, you know?  There is a Name that you can call upon that will help you through every step!  That Name is JESUS, and He already has all answers to all things!

There are days I cannot understand.

I can't even read the writing of my hand!
Nothing happening seems to make sense,
and others ask me if I'm 'stressed' or 'tense.'
But God my Savior understands those days.
He settles me and shows to me HIS ways
to be victorious over confusing times,
and, when He does, this man's whole being chimes!
For not EVERY day is smooth and minus stress.
But, even during THOSE days, does He bless!
His security and love are present so,
when nothing's making sense, His grace I know!

Have YOU those days when all seems 'out of whack?'
Just pause, take a breath and call Him back!
You spent time with Him before the day began.
Take Him with you everywhere you can!
For He will help each day to make more sense,
and give 'clarity' to speech and incidents!
Even causing VICTORY to be,
(and even give your writing clarity!)
As God wants VICTORY in all your days.
And such will come while following HIS ways!
Even in a world that seeks to know Him not,
His favor and His love you've truly got!

So, on those days you cannot understand,
reach up to Him and grab hold of His hand!
He will help make sense of everything,
and, clarity of mind, He'll truly bring!
'Peace that passes all' will He provide,
and VICTORY will fill you so inside!
YOU must call on His great Name, however,
and He will help you, 'worldly' trust, to sever!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking God to guide your every step throughout the day!  HE WILL NEVER FAIL YOU, this I promise!

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