Thursday, June 1, 2023

That Woman I Married!

I am so very blessed!  We are approaching 42 years of marriage, and I am STILL IN LOVE WITH HER!  Some days of late have been so busy, people pulling me here and there, and I sometimes forget WHO is of most import in THIS life.  I hope these words help her know...

'Oh, come and let me hold you as
the sun begins to set.
The day has taken much from me,
but 'the best' it did not get!
'Cuz when I'm holding you, I know
I hold the very best!
Oh, let the world just pass us by!
We are so very blessed!

God knew exactly what He was doing
when He put us together!
He knew that our relationship
could withstand ANY weather!
The storms of life have come and gone,
and they're not about to end.
I'm so glad you're with me through it all
as wife, as lover, as FRIEND!

Oh, watch the sun with me, my love,
as day comes to an end...
watch the squirrel run through the yard
then, up the tree, ascend!
And listen with me to the birds,
our love, to serenade!
Because of you and Christ the Lord,
this man has got it made!

Yes, come and let me hold you, love,
as, for decades, we have done.
I can truly yet say that,
life with you, it is so fun!
How much more time have we together?
Jesus only knows!
However long be that amount,
our love, it only grows!

Yes!  I am indeed a very blessed man!  That wife of mine puts up with quite a bit.  Takes care of quite a bit.  Always gives all she can.  And God Most High has a crown waiting for her when That Trumpet blasts!  SHE CERTAINLY DESERVES IT!

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