Saturday, June 3, 2023

That Song Inside

There is a song within each one of us.  The words, lyrics and music reflect what it is inside of us.  What is YOUR song saying to others?

Oh, there is a song inside the heart,
inside the heart of me!
My countenance would sing it out
for all to hear and see!
A song of joy unspeakable
beyond all circumstance;
a melody so heavenly
my soul and spirit dance!
And I take that loving song with me
wherever I should go,
that, them that are without a song,
may come to learn and know!
NOTHING of THIS place shall hinder,
oh, that living song!
It is a sign that, unto Christ
the King, I do belong!

And that song--it will be present There
in That Eternal Place
that He's prepared for everyone
who is saved, saved by His grace!
It shall be Heaven's anthem long
beyond when time shall end--
together we will sing it to Him,
every brother-friend!

Oh, learn that song but even now
and keep it in your heart!
Where not a thing at all affects,
until we shall depart
unto That Perfect Place that He
has made just for His Own!
Oh, that song inside the heart--it carries
such a healing tone!

Are YOU lacking such a song, my friend?  Jesus Christ the King replaces your song when you give him dwelling therein!  He will instill That Living Song and you cannot help but sing it then!  Give it a try!

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