Monday, June 5, 2023

Summer's on the Verge!

 Blessings on you this day!

Ah...finally.  All things that had to be taken care of this morning are behind us.  And now, we have that Most Valuable Time to spend with God and one another doing that which He provides.  On THIS day, that 'Time' includes FISHING!!

The sun is bright and brilliant,
(somewhere behind the cloud!)
The glory of the day, however,
NOTHING will enshroud!
Already are the chores accomplished,
(all that HAD to be,)
and now, to spend more time with Him
Who died for such as we!

Time with Jesus, this day, shall
be spent with hook and line!
Down at the shoals, the current is,
right now, so mighty fine!
Perfect for a trout or three,
(whatever be our limit,)
for that cloud the sun's hiding behind,
not all the day, shall dim it!
Soon and very soon, that cloud,
it will be passing by,
and the summer sun will be
so high up in the sky!
So, we best hurry up if we'll
be fishing in the shade.
Either way, I know today,
some memories will be made!
Vicki's in town for a few days--
that means FISHING TIME!
For she makes sure her mom and I
relax with moments prime!

And Jesus, He will be there too,
cheering us each on!
He has fun, too, with all of us, 
wherever we have gone!
For He provides environs rich
with meaning, fun and love!
So blessed we are that we belong
unto Great God above!

Yes, God Most High is so loving that He allots time for such as this...IF you are paying attention and following His lead!  HE IS SO GOOD TO US! 
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