Monday, June 26, 2023

Smaller World!

I was in the middle of writing a message this morning and a message popped up on my FaceBook page.  It was from a pastor in Africa that I had not heard from in awhile!  Intrigued, I got into a conversation with him.  He just wanted to know if I was o.k., as I have missed a few days writing due to vacation.  GOD'S WAYS ARE AMAZING!

Your care and Your concern, oh Lord,
are way beyond our grasp!
There is NOTHING in this day and age
to steal us from Your clasp!
This world and it's ways, they would
attempt, at every chance,
to embezzle us, Your Own, oh God,
through ANY circumstance!
BUT GOD, You have us each secure
from challenges that be!
You keep Your very firm embrace
around the lives of we!
Even that one calling me
this morn from far away,
You even have his each concern
settled, in YOUR way!
Already is His need supplied,
because you are Forever,
and You have promised that You will
not leave us 'needing' ever!

No matter where the need may be,
You know and You supply.
Though 'face-to-face' we may not be,
somehow, You make the tie.
For us to 'know' each other and
proclaim Your mighty deeds!
Strengthening that, for each other,
each one intercedes!

Yes, there are thousands of 'friends' on my FaceBook page.  Only half of them do I personally know.  The rest have become 'friends' because they like the words that God gives me, and they know that I will pray for them.  What an amazing tool when used properly!!


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